Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Downton Abbey

OK, I'm hooked.

I kept seeing this all over blog world.
  Book giveaways,
 "Have you seen the last show?"'s, 
and character talk.
Well, I had to check it out
  I found out you can watch last season on Netflix, 
and this season on their website,
I am hooked.
It's a show about the lives of the very rich and their servants and a huge mansion called
Downton Abbey in England.
It's very interesting.
I love the characters,
(well, except Thomas & Ms O'Brian)
 I love the clothes,
the rooms, the grounds, the food they eat...
I love watching this show!
I can't get my husband to watch it though.

(so, I watch while I pump milk at the computer)


  1. Yes, I love it too and no, my husband didn't want to watch either!

  2. We are also hooked! We watched most of season 2 by downloading it and just finished up the last two episodes on DVD last night. Just wait till you get to the end of season 2!!! We love British television shows. Have fun!

    PS my husband watched as many as he could because many times we couldn't wait until he was free to continue on!

  3. Well...what is so dang good about this show. Is it the "drama"? Is there a lot of humor...I like humor!

    Is there suspense?

    I do not know if I need another "addiction--hee hee" in my life right now!

    Sounds like a show for the gals...they need to add some "war" to it to make it more of a guy show.

  4. Tony and I are hooked too! It is our "date" time after the kids are in bed. While watching the first season on Netflix, he would pull the couch up next to the computer so we could sit together.

  5. Laura--I think it's because it's British that my husband won't watch it!!

    Christine--it's a Drama, not much humor, some, but more of a drama. It's the era of time, the clothes, the everything!

    Jenny--wish we could pull the couch across the kitchen, down the hall and into the office, in front of the computer!! haha!

  6. Oh yeah! Shirley MacLaine is already filming in the 3rd season.

  7. I love it too! I just watched the first episode two nights ago when I was up with sick kiddos (they were sleeping--I couldn't sleep!) Loved it so much that I had my hubby watch it with me the next night and he loved it, too! It's quite captivating...the gorgeous scenery, the clothing, the his degrees are in history and we both just love the social history aspect of the show. :) Can't wait to watch more!

  8. One of my favorite shows. I was hooked last year, and couldn't wait for this season. I love that a PBS show is getting so much attention!

  9. First I have heard of this show so I will try to check it out. Hope all your family is well and happy. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

  10. I've seen it but have never thought to watch. I might have to check it out.

  11. I've been wanting to start watching this show!

  12. Haven't seen this yet, but I've heard a lot about it. You got me wanting to watch it now!

  13. Whoa! Just saw the first episode...we had to turn it off when the two men were kissing! I still can't believe it. Sooo disappointing.

  14. Anonymous--that is the only time that happens (so far) I think they set the stage for what kind of person he was and what he was going through maybe in that time era...I was disappointed too...

  15. I came across your blog from a link to another link and have been enjoying your posts. I'm a big Downton Abbey fan, I'm fact last month I had way too many posts about DA on my blog. Lol. I just saw a bit of news that a number of the actors have signed contracts to carry into Season 4 and 5 so we should have plenty more to come. :-)


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