Wednesday, February 22, 2012

No More Fiber One is Not Good

OK, so what do you Gluten Free people do to keep regular?
I eat lots of veggies, but still need to have a Fiber One bar before bed,
just to, you know, keep things flowing.
Every time I got up to feed Simeon last night, my stomach was killing me.
I need to poop.
I said it.
Do I need to put prune juice in my smoothies?

(yes, I said poop, prune juice and smoothies in the same post)

I did answer people in the comments of the last post...I'm not always the best at that....


  1. You made me smile. I am so thankful that no one in my family has any food issues. Everyday is a struggle to figure out how to find something everybody will like!

    I have a nice bottle of prune juice right in my fridge. It comes in handy. Just saying.

  2. Oh, that is a toughie. I agree that the prune juice would be a good place to start. I do hope things start regular again.

  3. I've read that bran fiber (any fiber from grains) is not the best fiber for your system. The most easily to digest is fiber from fruits, vegetables, and nuts. We've been juicing every morning and that seems to really get things going for the kids ;)

  4. Ok, I just read that post about you trying to give up gluten. When we cut out the grain from every meal- we replace it with another vegetable. So instead of meat, grain, and one vegetable for each meal, we have meat, one or two cooked vegetables and one raw. There is a lot of fiber and good things to be had this way. Apparently, you won't miss any essential vitamins, minerals or essential carbs by leaving out grains.

  5. Hi Jamie! (BTW...I just added you to my sidebar under my Women of Faith tab so that I can stay on top of your blog posts! I hardly ever check my reader anymore.)

    Anyway, thanks for your kind comments. I TOTALLY forget about YOU TUBE and just wasted an entire morning listening to different versions of the The Summons and then all sorts of Catholic songs! So THANK YOU! I can't think of a better or more blessed time waster! Unless, I'm reading Catholic blogs! :)

  6. If you need to get going now, do the prune juice. To keep going, what about adding flax meal to your smoothies? Eating something small in the morning followed with a warm cup of tea always makes a difference for me. And naturally, be sure to drink plenty of water!

  7. it may take some time to get the processed foods/chemicals out of your body. be sure to drink plenty of water!! eat some raw fruit and veggies and juice if you absolutely have to.

    ALL FOR!

  8. Christine--I don't even think I could drink the prune juice without gagging...

    Shelly--Me too!!

    Sarah--I eat lots of veggies, for example I nibble on pea pods all the time and raw carrots and for supper I had a baked potatoe and fresh broccoli cooked (tender crisp) and raw carrots....didn't do a thing, I think my body is used to that already.

    Valerie--youtube can soak up a person's morning too...not that it's happened to me or anything (haha)

    Nicole---I think I have some flax in my cupboard (that I never use) I could have another smoothie today and put it in it--maybe for supper since the rest of the family will have breaded popcorn shrimp!!--doesn't my 1 warm cup of coffee count for tea?

    All For!--Yes, I drink lots of water, constantly actually...Thank you!

  9. My husband has been drinking a glass of Metamucil every night before bed for years. Works like a charm :) I do not. It makes me gag just watching him mix it! But, he swears by it. For me, a nice hot cup of coffee always does the trick. Veggies do nothing for me, in fact I have to watch how much fiber I eat because it makes me sick to my stomach. That's my 2 cents!

  10. Jamie,
    When I was pregnant I had a lot of stomach issues and kept regular but taking two Senna a night before bed. It took a few days to kick in but after that, I had no problems!

    BTW, it's all natural, so it should be safe for breastfeeding. Whatever you take during pregnancy is usually okay for breast-feeding too.
    Gotta get to mass!

  11. Second Chances---the thought of Metamucil makes me gag!! Thanks for your 2 cents!

  12. Becky--I'd rather not take anything, but do it with the foods I eat...but I'll keep that in mind! We are going to Mass at 5:30--must pump before leaving!

  13. My best advice: stay away from most pre-made gluten free food made from rice and potato flour. It's sky high in carbs and sugars and as you discovered, no fiber. Coconut and blanched almond flour are the best. Check out Elana's Pantry for recipes!

  14. I saw your other post and realized I had missed something so I hoped over hear to find out what was going on. I agree about the prune juice and one thing I really love pitted prunes to snack on. Of course I saw where you had some success on the other post and hope you are doing much better by the time you read this one.
    Whenever I can I purchase gluten free items like crackers made from nuts like pecans which I really love. If I eat bread it has to be 100% whole wheat. My chili is famous around here and it is all vegetable since I use textured vegetable protein instead of meat and by the time it is done most folks cannot tell that they are not eating meat. It is that good. I can ramble on when I get to typing about food. Take care,

  15. I have a bag of prunes that I bought at Sam's. Use sparingly. Like only 2 or 3... or you'll need to be near the bathroom for quite some time (personal experience!). I enjoy the fruit, but don't think I'd like the juice.

  16. I saw that a lot of people recommended prunes/prune juice... but GROSS! haha I've had your same problem (especially while pregnant and on iron), and the best/only thing I've found to work is to supplement your diet with Magnesium. You will not be constipated anymore - and it's just like taking a vitamin. Nothing yucky to drink/taste. I was so frustrated a couple of years ago when my hemoglobin was down at transfusion levels, and I could not take my iron b/c it made my constipation unbearable. After talking to many doctors who could not help, a Catholic homeschooling mom of 9 told me take a magnesium supplement! I take one almost every night - at 400 mgs. Sometimes I take 800 mgs if I have to take iron. I'd recommend starting with 200 mgs and going up to 400 mgs if that does not do the trick. Per my OBs, it is safe to take while nursing/pregnant, too because the magnesium will give you the runs before it concentrates at harmful levels in your blood. Anyhow, hope that helps! I have tried all those other tricks - prunes, fruit, fiber bars/cereal, metamucil, colace, etc. And the magnesium supplement is BY FAR the most effective. You can just experiment with the dosage til you find the right one. My happy dose is 400 mgs/day for maintenance and 800-1200 mgs/day with iron supplementation. Costco sells magnesium in a big bottle of 400 mg capsules. So, find what works for you (just start with a low dose first or you will have the runs!) Good luck! Hope that helps!

  17. I think I have to read your prior post too. I also suffer from this problem. I hate prune juice. But I love prunes. And I can eat more than 3 and still nothing. I have found that the fiber bars are the only things that help me. I have tried psylum powders and they don't work for me either. I have found that orange juice does the job sometimes. But I guess we are all different, and what works for some, not always works for others.

  18. Oh My Gosh... you are so funny. Poop... there now I said it too!

    (BTW, isn't this how gradeschool children often start to get in trouble? One says it... then another... WELL... for the record YOU started it! I hope my Mom isn't watching)

  19. Tracy--Thanks...not planning on baking much, it's only for me--but I did buy some almond flour for pancakes, just to try them, for that bready texture.

    Suzie--I do actually like prunes, don't notice much from them though...oh, and I only like the moist ones, so many times they are dry!!

    Rosario--Same as Suzie--yes, I like prunes but they don't do much for me, that's why I thought maybe the juice would...but can't even get that down!

    Transformed Hearts---Thank you so much, I did buy some magnesium and am taking 200 mg to start out, so far so good (I'm pooping) but is it because of the ground flax in my smoothies? or the Magnesium?

    Marijanna--You are so funny!!! I wonder how many people I can get to say Poop? Hey, we are mostly all mamas and poop scoop is talked all the time with our babies, right?


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