Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Taking Notes

Yesterday we started school! We made it through the day, although, Rosie was still doing her math at
8pm, we made it!!

For English, Jedi is learning how to take notes (he's in 6th grade), our book suggested listening to a song he didn't know and taking notes as it plays. He wanted a male singer, so I chose Kenny Rogers! I wanted to pick someone's songs I knew by heart.

Well...doesn't everyone know his songs by heart?

Here's his notes for The Coward of the County: (unedited)

everyone coward county stood single time tommy
yellow 10 years old in prison still recall words
everyone working boys called three of them opened door
mole fireplace picture cry sun not do trouble weak
cheek wrote enough born room halfway turned around
twenty years hold no back tommy barnroom mr dad
I no trouble no cheek understand everyone considered

We all laughed and laughed as I read his notes outloud!
He might need a little more practice...

"Lucille" here we come!


  1. Hahaha!! I know just about every song by heart and uh.. yea.. LOVE his notes!! :)

  2. This made me smile- I've seen this so many times from 6th graders!

  3. I lub kenny.

    You gotta know when to hold'em
    know when to fold'em
    know when to walk away...

    now that is stuck in my head!!!

  4. That would be a challenge to take notes from a song. You'd have to really listen to what the song is saying and not just each word!

  5. I guess Kenny is popular in all parts of the country. He sure is around here. My problem with taking notes is that sometimes I can't read what I wrote.

  6. Cute!! I see I've missed some posts...You sound like your getting some pep in your step*wink* Love those photos of the kids hugging on little Sim:)


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