Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's OK

I pooped.

I also stopped by the store after picking up Jedi from band and got some prune juice, Red Mill Gluten Free oats,
flax seed and Gluten Free Chocolate Chex!  Everyone is going to be jealous of all the yummy stuff I get to eat.


  1. You are wonderful! I love your posts!

  2. Hooray! I've been lurking for a while and felt truly sorry for you when I read your earlier post. Good luck with the gluten free!

  3. thank goodness! and you are learning about GF. you'll have to share your knowledge.

  4. Hey, I'm jealous of the chocolate chex. That stuff is seriously good and addictive - and seriously off limits for me! My kids love it when I buy it for a treat.

    By the way, not sure how much your oats were but Amazon has the old-fashioned oats cheaper when you do a subscription (but not the quick oats).

  5. So happy for you. Really. We've all been there!!! Anyway, I have to tell you what Mary Catherine just said about your blog...we were scrolling down and she saw the picture of the Holy Shroud which led to a wonderful discussion. Then as I was moving on to comment, I mentioned that you have 6 children and Mary said, "wooo, Jamie!"

    I laughed so hard. That girl cracks me up1

  6. Lol Jamie! I missed the last two posts and just read this one and laughed out loud! Glad it happened!

    PS, I think John Paul might need to go gf too.... we have tried it on and off, and maybe I need to stick with it for lent!

    BTW, have I told you about gf crepes I make constantly? 3 oz cream cheese, 2 or 3 eggs, a little cinnamon and honey and maybe some vanilla. Blend and cook like a pancake. I've also had great luck adding banana, or some kind of nut butter. YUMMY and SO easy! You'll probably need to double or triple this recipe! My kids eat them plain or with butter and syrup. If I'm feeling fancy I stuff them with other things like ricotta cheese!

  7. Shelly--Thanks!! if pooping makes me wonderful, well, then...

    Jennie C--I'm honored that you'd lurk here...You were one of my first blogs I ever read, I love how you are blunt and direct.

    Gardenia--I will sometime

    Nicole--yes, my kiddos already opened the chocolate chex and have eaten half of it. We'll be buying stock in that stuff. Yummy!
    I bought the quick oats...they were about 6 or 7 bucks, but only I will have them. The rest of the family can eat normal.

    Valerie--that was funny!! I do love how my kids will walk up and if I'm on a blog they will say, "Who's this?" Future bloggers, I tell you...

    Beth--I need an exact recipe, we'll have to try that one...but cream cheese, not very,um, low fat. --Do you use a mixer or put the ingredients in the blender? I'll have to try those...


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