Monday, February 6, 2012

Fight Planned (Un) Parenthood

Yes--they will also gladly give you birth control pills that will fail you, 
so you will not want the unplanned pregnancy that will happen
 and want to get an abortion.

It's all about the money.

(I'm getting a little political today folks)

Has anyone heard the terrible news?
The Susan G Komen Foundation decided to fund Planned Parenthood again?
I think the public is deceived by Planned Parenthood's claim to give 
thousands of breast cancer screenings per year.
I would assume by hearing this that they have mammogram machines, right?
They even showed a clinic worker demonstrating what they do
on the news Friday night.
They give the exams that you learned in junior high health class.
The ones that I see at every doctors office on the wall, 
heck, you can get the instructions on the internet on how to do a 
self exam, exactly like the one you would get at Planned Parenthood.
Seriously, folks, does that cost thousands, millions of dollars to provide?

Money talks.
Take away the money
Take away Planned Parenthood.

Prayer talks too.
We all need to pray.

In case you are interested after reading the links I linked above:
(research on aborted babies)

We boycott companies who give to Planned Parenthood
Will you think about doing the same?
Go to and find out what you can do

Life comes first


  1. Thank you, Jamie. I was horrified that they reversed their decision. We have been praying, too. I appreciate the info on the stem cells. We really have to start to speak up. Everyone else certainly does.

  2. Jamie, my computer won't let me open the link you gave to show what companies help P.P. Can you email it to me?


  3. I am so upset with them. The silver lining is that there is huge attention being drawn to the fact that Susan Komen foundation funds Planned Parenthood. I didn't know that before, and now I do. So God always makes some good come out of all the ugly....

  4. One thing that I find extremely ironic about all this is the fact that studies have linked having an abortion to an increased likelihood of developing breast cancer. Why on earth would the Komen Foundation contribute to Planned Parenthood in the first place??

  5. Jill Stanek posted about this as it was happening. The news got a lot of attention, of course the media went nuts over it. The thing that got me was how 'in your face PP and thier supporters were'.
    I mean, they actually were opposed to an organization that funds and looks for new research, helps women, educates women on cancer! The honesty, and as I quote Dennis Prager, "the clarity" of PP's real feeling of helping women.

  6. I have known about the evil of that organization for a long time and it is going to take a lot of prayer and support to let them know we mean business.
    Got your card today and the pleasure was all ours and I did lock the recording under the battery cover. Have a great week.

  7. I like how Odie calls it like he sees it. EVIL!!!

    Woe to those who do not defend life.

    Woe to you who donate to and support anyone or anything that would murder an unborn child.

    boo to the Komen boo boo!

    Finally got the computer keyboard working. The sub is in the shop...I do not have a dishwasher..ugh....
    hope all is good at your end!

  8. Great post. I've been praying for years that SGK would stop funding PP so I could suppor them with a clean conscious... guess that'll have to wait. Like Colleen mentioned at least people now know they fund PP. AND they now know that PP DOESN'T do mammograms - only level 1 exams. So why support them with so much $$ if they just refer the women elsewhere... sorry, I could go on and on...

  9. Well said Jamie! I posted a comment on my FB page and holy cow did people attack. We always try and stay away from anyone who suports PP. Thanks for the links too!


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