Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fall Ideas!

The leaves here in MN are just about at their prime time leaf lookin' stage! This is one way to preserve those leaves we keep collecting! (at least for a while)
2 sheets of wax paper, a towel (so your counter does not get wax all over it) and leaves.
place the leaves between 2 sheets of wax paper, iron and cut into the shape you want.

They look so beautiful in the window!! Your kids will love doing this and talking about which ones they picked!

If you have an extra wall for art, I always put up a tree right in our school room!! (I even did this when I did daycare) make lots of different kinds of leaves of many colors, use a paper bag for the trunk and lots of tape to put it all up!! Isn't it pretty? We will put all our fall crafts around the tree now.
Some of our leaves are collage leaves. Just make strips of paper and have leaves and glue them on! Enjoy fall!

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