Sunday, October 26, 2008

Third Day - Cry Out To Jesus

Some days are just days where I can't wait to run to Jesus and cry. Those days I am on the verge of tears and can't wait to escape to the Blessed Sacrament and adore my Lord. Cry to Jesus. We are so blessed to have Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. He heals. He wiats for us to cry out to Him.

I am doing good, please don't worry, some days I just need to do that. it doesn't happen too often and He makes all things new.

I just feel torn a million different ways. I feel like a bullseye. I am the center of that bullseye and each ring around is someone I'm praying for or someone I know who's hurting or sick. Then this whole election is another ring around that bullseye, surrounding me. All the while the devil is shooting arrows at all of the rings and me. So much to pray for. Sometimes I just want to lock myself in a little home bubble and consume myself with just my little family. I feel so helpless. So much to pray for. Then I think, I start feeling like there's so much pain out there, when is my turn? It's overwhelming. Every aspect of life.

That's when I cry out to Jesus. Grace. Forgiveness. Mercy. Healing. Hope. Rest. Love.

If you have an Adoration chapel, go! You must! Run! Cry out to Jesus!

*If you don't have an Adoration chapel, just go to the Blessed Sacrament in the Tabernacle, He is there waiting for you!


  1. I hope everything is okay. :-( There is an online adoration website called for those who are home bound but want to still adore. It's wonderful. I will pray for you. Remember, you can call me anytime too! :-)

  2. "little home bubble"....that sounds like a nice place. I will come and live there too!

    I agree with to pray and pray and pray and pray.

  3. This entry today is why I love your blog. You express common feelings in such a way that I really relate to. You are so right, our Lord is our only hope and peace. Nerm

  4. Our family started a nine day novena today, it'll end the day before the election. Thy will be done, Lord, not mine.

    I miss my adoration hour, now that we're so far from our parish home. I haven't been able to replace that time, yet. To compensate, this past weekend, I asked my daughter to set up a family prayer table. I had been wanting to do this for a couple years - now we have a spot. It's simple, beautiful and peaceful.

  5. Hugs sweetie...

    Sunday's feast has refreshed me...remember, Christ IS KING. We have Him!

    May He give you His Peace.


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