Friday, July 31, 2009

Any Guesses?

Can anyone guess who's mailbox this is? You never know when the crazy blogging lady with a camera will be driving by your one is safe. Isn't it a cool one though? It's some kind of barrel thing. I think it's great!


  1. Man that one looks a lot like mine!!! Oh it is mine. Sorry other guessers but I wanted to be the first to get it right.

    Thanks for coming to visit. And a b-day present for my little son. YOU spoil us!

    I really wanted to get a new mailbox when we moved here but then the "ugly" thing grows on ya. Yes...I do think it is ugly. I should paint it. Not one single flower growing by it either. So far away from out home.

  2. I was going to guess Christine, because you two are also IRL friends and live close to each other!


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