Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Missing My Boys!

My boys left Sunday for Canada (about 9 hours away) fishing! I am really missing them. This is Jedi's first big fishing trip with daddy and Grandpa and Grandma. Every year, my husband's dad takes him fishing in Canada. They called last night and I could just tell in Jedi's voice how much fun he was having. It was great to hear him so excited! He caught the most Northerns and the biggest (30 inches).

I, on the other hand, am exhausted with the girlies. They are very busy and Jedi is not here to play with them. Daddy gave Ballerina Rosie instructions to order me to lay down and rest. She seems to only tell me this though when I am cooking or eating or giving baths!!

Babycakes is pretty cute on the phone. "Ummm, daddy, are lou home?" "Ummmm, daddy, jus say one more thing" "Uh, are lou gonna come home? Lou not home right?"

The best thing was hearing Ballerina Rosie and Mary telling Jedi that they loved him and really missed him, and calling him the "ruler of fish"!

They will be home Friday, I can't wait. We miss them so much!

(So much for Wordless Wednesday, I told you, I cannot do it!)


  1. Glad they are having a good time!

  2. It's great they're out having a good time and success in fishing! Yes, please rest . . . it's funny they remind you only when you are too busy with them. How cute!!

  3. That is the kind of grand-mum I want to be when I grow up to be a grand-mum!!

    I want to treat my kids and grand kids to stuff like that.

    That is what memories are made of.


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