Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The I Can't Do Wordless Wednesday Post!

7 Weeks left! When my mom was younger and still at home, her 4 brothers would tease her (even though she was thin, they knew it bugged her) and chant "Open wide for chunky" every time she walked into a room! I totally feel like that. I gain my weight all over, not just in the tummy. I kind of feel like a marshmallow man, only my skin is very tight, like how could it possibly get any bigger? Oh, and look at that double chin... Anyway...7 weeks left, 7 weeks left....


  1. Jamie-you look beautiful! I gain weight the same way. My FIL has been making lovely comments like, "how much do you weigh now?" and "can you still get behind the wheel of a car?" Makes me feel so attractive! We are almost there!!!

  2. Please do not be hard on yourself. Margaret was hard on herself, too, and you're all so beautiful - pregnant and not pregnant - I could be lead down the path of envy if I wasn't Catholic and known better!!

    I'm so glad you're on the home stretch (pun intended). If it's any consolation, I went from 125 to 182 with my first; 152 to 200 something (I told them to stop telling me); and 135-170 something with my last. It happens - then you have a baby which makes it worth it.

    All for the glory of God!

  3. I'm with the other still look great! I have always thought that your radiant personality always came shining through in you exterior beauty. Always gorgeous!

    Afterall you do have a baby you're growing in there right now. That's hard work.

    You're doing great..7 more weeks..hooray! We're all celebrating with you!!

  4. 7 more weeks! Hooray!! =) I so know what you mean about tight skin. It is so much harder being pregnant in the summer. I was pregnant in the summer for 3 out of my 4 pregnancies, including the twins. Every inch of skin is swollen, it seems. Hang in there! You're looking great! I hope you're feeling great, too. God bless.

  5. You know what it is, don't you? It's those darn worm's-eye view angles! Have your husband take the photo next time...on a stool. :)

    And anyway, you'll always have those beautiful eyes and gorgeous hair, and that will always be the first thing that people notice about you.

    That and the naughty little 4-year-old behind you.


    Hey, I can joke about these things if I want to! Have you seen my post today?

  6. you are beautiful.
    you are bringing a new LIFE into the world.
    and that's hard work.
    angles mean everything in picture taking.
    the camera adds ten lbs.
    and while i could go on, i'll end with:
    you are my hero.
    broken leg.
    you got back up.
    you love our Lord. the faith.
    your children. hubby.

    and margaret is right. you have those gorgeous eyes and hair.


    ps. i used to go to school with a girl that wore a shirt that said-"i'm not fat, i'm just fluffy!" and it had a bunny on it. she was a big girl and i never could understand why she wore that shirt. kids made fun of her. not me. i loved that shirt. and i like to think of myself as, well, FLUFFY.
    i never lose baby fat. as in my baby just turned five and i am still fat.

  7. I came back just to appreciate your new header...yes, very cute and very much your 4-year-old!

  8. Jamie-you are gorgeous! Inside, outside and baby-in-the-belly side! Rejoice in the gifts that God has given you and is continuing to give you! Even your broken leg was a gift, just harder to see that one, but it's a gift just the same!

    You are an angel!

  9. You look beautiful!! I can't wait to see pictures of that precious new baby girl!!!!!!!! It won't be long now!

  10. You. are. Beautiful.

  11. I like your new header photo, too. I'm so glad you are posting pics of the kids.

    And I'm glad you are posting pics of you, too. 7 more weeks ... do your last weeks go fast for you?? Maybe they do because you have an end date; then there's always that nesting phase when you get so much more done than normal. I love the nesting phase!

  12. Jamie, I think you look so beautiful pregnant - you look radiant, glowing, and so happy! Also, I noticed that pink seems to be your color!

    You, baby, husband, and kids are all in my thoughts and prayers!

    Maria :)


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