Thursday, July 23, 2009

St Bridget of Sweden

St Bridget, Pray for us.


  1. I love her life story.
    yes, ora pro nobis.

  2. Jamie,

    Do you have a devotion to St. Bridget? Have you ever prayed the St. Bridget prayers in the Pieta book for a year? Do you believe the promises listed in the book are true? It took me quite a few tries, but I finally succeeded praying the prayers given to St. Bridget several years ago.

    I LOVE the St. Bridget prayers and all the prayers in the Pieta book!

    How about you?

    I'd really LOVE to hear more about your devotion to St. Bridget! Thank you!

    May God Bless you, Baby, and your whole family.

    Maria :)

  3. Maria Therese-
    Yes, I have prayed the 1 year St Bridget prayers! I started them 5 years ago on New Years Day and went until "Mary" was born on Sept 2nd and I ended up getting just too tired to finish I made it 9 months!! Then a couple years later I started them again after the birth of "Babycakes" and started again on New Years Day and DID complete them!!

    It brought me close to St Bridget and there were so many graces afterward, just felt. I do believe the promises and they were what kept me going, when I got discouraged, I'd re-read those promises and then finish the prayers!

    Because of St Bridget, we are naming our newest baby after her. Although, we will have to think of a blog alias name for her like the others!

  4. Hello, I am so glad to meet another of St Bridget's prayer warriors. Yes, dwelling on the Lord's Passion has wonderful effects... some of which I am sharing in a blog I just started (

    You can download audio prayers from They can be useful in times of exhaustion or illness.

    God bless you :)


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