Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Green Leaves and Ham

OK, there's no ham, but maybe the ham is that we do still have color, it's just that there's snow on top of the color.
And, to hear that the leaves will not turn color now that it has snowed, well, pictures will paint a better picture of this, green leafed trees, completely lost their leaves on Saturday morning. All over our neighborhood there were trees like this! I've never seen anything like it!
It was funny to see kids out in winter coats and gear, raking up these piles of green leaves.
I'm just glad that I took some fall pictures last week.

60 degrees is in our forecast though for the weekend!


  1. Wasnt that crazy!!! They just fell so fast. Stupid MN weather. I keep telling the kids when I was little it was normal weather. This stuff is strange.

    Brian is crossing his fingers for some deck building weather this weekend!

  2. We have our share of snow here, too. I miss fall. I wish it had stayed longer. I guess that means more hot chocolate and marshmallow rosaries to pray for fall to come back.

    On a side note, my four year old ds was praying for snow. He can't wait to make snow angels and snowmen.

  3. I know, isn't that just heart breaking? We have a blanket of leaves in several areas of our lawn. I need to get out and do some raking...hope we get those 60 days this weekend!!

  4. Nekked trees in 60 degree weather just isn't natural, if you follow what I'm saying (sorry to write this way, but I'm reading Lord of the Rings again and it does influence my writing/talking a bit). ;) I'm sending you rays of sunshine and rainbows!!

  5. These look similar to the photos on my blog! Hee. Hee. I really am not laughing, though; I can't believe the leaves are just falling off still green—and that they won't turn color now. I almost feel robbed of the splendors of fall! It's so beautiful, usually. Ugh!! I will welcome 60 this weekend, though.


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