Friday, October 9, 2009

Stampin' Up!

Years ago, before my children came, I used to do "Stampin' Up" stamping stuff. I made a ton of cards for every possible birthday or holiday or just "Thinking of You" thing. I also scrapbooked all my daycare children a book of the years in my care, and one for Jedi. Then, I had another child and well, the stamps went into these boxes.
And there they have been waiting for "someday" when I have time and space to get it all out and start stamping again.
As you can see, I have a ton!! I finally took it all out and went through it, got rid of all the junk that no one will ever use and this is what's left, it's still a table full and more! I am letting Ballerina Rosie make her own cards and stamp whatever she wants. Mary Hannah and Babycakes stamp for usually, oh, maybe 10 minutes and they are done, but Ballerina Rosie can sit here for hours just making one card. It was hard to give up my "perfect" collection, but she's loving it and I've done a few with her, and it's a fun thing to do together. It's also hard to let her do her own kind of cards, as they are not exactly the way I'd make them, (I'm kind of a perfectionist) but she just likes it so much, it's pretty fun to see what she does with it!
These couple extra weeks off of school have let me take out some "new" things and relax and just enjoy the kiddos a little better, or at least try to, between feedings and diaper changes and just fussy baby times!
I'm planning on schooling again next week, but this time with no expectations, if we start at 11am instead of 9am, that's ok. I have the goal of getting up the last feeding during the night, but sometimes that is around 4:30am...hmmm....a little early for my shower. I might have to change my showers to evenings and just put my hair up every day in order to start school earlier. On shower days, I feed the baby, then shower and the whole process is an hour, so we don't get downstairs until 10am! (on a good day)
The Plan:
Lower my expectations
Plan to school all day if necessary!
Easier to say than do!


  1. have been posting and I sure have enjoyed reading them. I have been busy looking for a certain..uh!!!!!!!!!!

    I did order it today...yippee!

    Love the rock in the vent story.

    I like the rosary idea also.

    We do not have a light bright. Or one that works. I think the bulb is out. Will have to check.

    I never got into the stampin up stuff or creative memories.

    OK...this is the thing. Not to upset all those great crafty card making people but there is a lot of money invested in those stamps then the paper then the time. OK...then do people really save every card they get??? I like getting cards reality I will not save them.

    I like homemade better then bought because more thought and love has gone into them!!!

    Good luck with the school week! It is getting colder so better for studying.

    I love how you take care of me at your are a sweet friend.

  2. I love all the stamps...I have a bunch boxed up around here somewhere...Sounds like you have a better handle on school-still praying for you!

  3. I don't have that much stuff, but what I have I feel is overkill. I'm trying to use the stuff up. One of the girls that stayed over w/ Teenie last night, her mum is a rep for Stampin'UP so "I'm in trouble". No, just kidding. I have more control now that I did before. I like SU cardstock better than any other brand of cardstock out there. I have to use up what I have before I buy any more stuff. I can't justify the spending.

    Anyway, off the soapbox . . . I love that you are sharing your stuff with your kids. Super cute!!!

  4. Jamie, wow I can't believe you used to stamp and you are into scrapbooking! I'm starting to wonder if you are my long lost twin?! LOL!!

    My Mom bought me my first ink stamp when I was in high school and I was hooked!! One of my favorite stores is AC Moore. I was so excited several years ago when a new AC Moore store opened only fifteen minutes walking distance from my house in Brockton! I used to spend most of my paycheck there buying ink stamps, the supplies, and scrapbooking stuff!!

    I still have all my ink stamps and supplies. I also LOVE Creative Memoreis and have a bunch of stuff. The problem is, I take way too many photos and have trouble organizing them all. How do you organize over forty plus years of photos?? Does anybody have any tips??

    I would LOVE to hear sometime about the scrapbook album you made for your day care children. Was this one album? Or did you make an album for each child in your care??

    I have so many cute photos of all the children I took care of in my twenty years plus years of being a teacher at a daycare. My husband asks me why do I have so many photos? Can I get rid of some? Give some to the school I used to work at in Brockton? I'm like "Um no, those kids are probably teenagers and adults by now LOL! They don't go to that school anymore. I'm not sure what happened to them or where they are."

    I should make some scrapbook albums of all the children who I cared for, but with piles and piles of photos how does one get started?? Maybe your friend Melissa could send me some tips??
    Did you make simple pages???

    I think it's so cool that you can now share your hobby with your children! What fun!!

    Thinking of you and praying for you and your family.


  5. Hi Maria!
    See? Now here's a topic you could put on your blog, a happy, upbeat topic! Keep bloggin'!

    I do not scrapbook, the key word is "used to" "before children"!

    I never have used Creative Memories and only bought my own stuff and put together albums using my stamps and lots of scraps, etc. I made each child a book, only the 4 that were left in my care. (the last little boy was only there a year, so I didn't have much for an album) I just made the pages and put them into sheet protectors and into an album. Simple, easy, not expensive.

    I made the albums because, like you, I had so many extra pictures of the daycare children, I would always get double prints (this was before digital) and give one set to the parents, then when it was time for them to leave and I was quitting, I thought "what am I going to do with these pictures?" So I made an album, tailored to each child and their personalities and all about them!

    I have all my photos of my own children (about 7 years of photos) in drawers, under my bed and in boxes in the closet. the last 2 years are digital and on the computer.

    Someday, I will do something with them, just not sure yet and don't have to worry about it yet, I will do something when they all graduate, which with Bridget being a baby will be in about 18 years!!!!

  6. Maria Therese - maybe you could start by sorting pictures by topics?

    All my pics are in a large box under the stairs for "some day". All my pictures are now digital and that makes taking them in for processing/printing less likely . . . but I do have a ton to sort and finish albums I started for my kids. "some day" will come. Or, my kids will finish them. Or not.

    It's expensive - even if you do it on your own from Wal Mart or another craft store like Michaels.

    But, starting by topic or theme is a good way to at least sort your pictures - and throw out the pictures you really don't "love".

  7. we have been loving stamping too. but we don't have near the collection you do! boy my girl would love to sit there with your girls and stamp away!!!

    so glad to see you are lowering your expectations, it works wonders!

    remember not to be so hard on yourself.

    hugs across the miles.

  8. I've done a little stamping, but I'd love to learn some techniques sometime. I still scrapbook, but I'm way behind. Oh well ... I'm so glad to hear you've taken some time off! It looks like you have a good plan when you do start school again by lowering your expectations. So good for us to do, as usually our expectations are way too high, and we are so hard on ourselves! Remember this transition time with Baby is temporary. I had to remind myself of that after the twins were born all. the. time! Take care, Jamie! And God bless!


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