Friday, December 4, 2009

Back to Sleep?

We've always had our babies sleep on their backs, because of that "Back to Sleep" campaign out there to prevent SIDS deaths. Our 3rd child actually, literally, never took naps, except during nursing. I think she might have, had I given in to the "no tummy sleeping" rule. Sweetie Pie is just like her. BUT, I've given in to the rule, she does sleep good on her tummy. I pray to all the angels to protect her while she is sleeping. When on her tummy, she actually sleeps long, like sometimes 3 hours!!! Do you know how much a mama can get done in 3 hours? (alot) Do you know how much a mama can get done when there is no nap? (not much)
What do you do? I feel so guilty when I let her sleep on her tummy. I check often. I check for blue lips and breathing movement constantly.
Are some babies just tummy sleepers and other not? Is it ok to let them sleep on their tummies? Dear Lord, bless our sweet babies when they sleep, keep them safe. Thank You for the gift of their beautiful little souls, help us to take good care of them.


  1. I remember I let my babies sleep on their tummies...because they SLEEP! I wonder why they sleep better that way?

    I will pray for her too...godmother prayers are powerful!!!

  2. dear mama...i really really love chocolate. I have not been a good girl but will try better. I love it soooooo much. I am a weakling. you are such a good mama to me!!!

  3. Of my sister's 7, only the last was a baby for back to sleep. She still put him on his tummy. I understand your nervousness, but the baby girl's got to sleep. I will pray as well!

  4. You KNOW how I feel about this issue :) Starting at 8 weeks, ALL my babies have slept well if they are on their tummies. Otherwise they are up every 2 hours to eat around the clock.
    They stay warmer, toot well (oops - fart, Christine :), the spit up goes out easier (no choking) and the blankies stay on to keep them warm.
    A doc once told me that babies will tend to roll on their tummies to sleep when they are able and also that babies have been sleeping on their tummies for millenia. Good nuff for me! I have always have said a prayer laying them down and trust their guardian angels will do the rest! :) SO glad to hear sweet angel is sleeping so well!!! I've been praying for you both!

  5. Sweet Jamie-I know I'm an old fogey, but When my three girls were babies, the doctors said not to let them sleep on their backs b/c the baby could choke and strangle to death! Go figure. All of my slept on their tummies and are now in their adulthood. No problems. If she sleeps so well that way, she must be comfortable.
    She is so precious. Nerm

  6. Well, by the time they can roll over, it's a done deal they'll be on their tummies. Mine were . . . I would put them down on their backs, and check on them and they'd be on their tummies. SO . . . listen. Relax about it.

    How come as an adult I can't sleep on my stomach w/out my lower back aching to death and my arms hurting?

  7. Of my three, I had two tummy sleepers. I tried to get the first of the two to sleep on her back to no avail. I ended up with a really fussy baby and I was exhausted. If you are worried about sids, try putting your sweet baby in a sleep sack. That way she can't suffocate under blankets. God Bless.

  8. I'm a little late with my comment but I say Ditto. Ditto. Ditto. My first, a small baby, started flipping to her tummy pretty soon. I would also wrap them up tight and kind of stuff them up beside the bumper of the bed. This put them a little on their side. I never got one of those triangle thingies. After the first two the twins pretty much did what they wanted to. They slept on their tummies alot. The tough part was they would always look at each other. It didn't matter what side you put them on they would turn to look at each other. It's sad when a baby spits up in the night and you just have to wash his mouth but give the other one a full blown bath. :)
    Big Ditto on the praying. When I lost the battle with keeping Audrey on her back I simply prayed for God to send his angel to watch her and protect her. Thy Will Be Done.
    One more thing. THey also slept well in their bouncies and swings.

  9. It doesn't matter what we all do and you know it. There's only one sweetie pie and she's only got one mama....the one who knows just what she needs. Now, go get some stuff done! ;)

  10. I, too, discovered that my babies slept just fine on their stomachs. They actually seemed to prefer it and they always were alright. And, yes, it was a Godsend because then I could rest or work! Good luck

  11. Mine sleep on tummies, too. I don't worry; I entrust their well-being to our Lord (from whom the sweet babies came to us). Peace in your Advent, Jamie. Hope you are getting lots done! My sister loaned me her 'cradle' swing, and Louis loves the motion ... I'm able to get more done, too.

  12. My last two babies have been tummy sleepers. It was the only way they would sleep; that darn reflux was too bothersome on their backs. So tummy sleepers they were and they slept so much better than my back sleepers. No startling themselves awake, no blankets falling off, etc. My pediatrician told me as long as they are sleeping let them sleep how ever they are comfortable. I did find that my tummy sleepers were earlier crawlers though...sometimes good and sometimes bad.

  13. All of my boys slept better on their tummies. Only occasionally would they sleep on their backs. Three have also co-slept with dh and I.

    My almost 6 week old is continually rolling from tummy to back when he wants to, so I'm not worried about him.


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