Monday, December 14, 2009

Sacrament of Confession

Ballerina Rosie all ready to go!
She said the little girl behind her was very scared and her mom and grandma kept coming over to console her. "Why was she scared, mom?"
Her first words to me after her Confession were "I feel so happy!"
God bless you sweet girl, God bless you!


  1. I remember a couple parents asked how to deal with their kids being scared during our parents sessions on the sacrament. My kids weren't scared, either.

    Your daughter looks so happy! It's fun to make it so special for them ... the while gifts you purchased.

  2. Ballerina Rosie is just GLOWING!!! Congratulations to you both!!

  3. I was thinking of her on Sat. morning. She looks just beautiful and glowing.*precious*

  4. Congratulations! Wonderful way to begin this Sacrament! The more positive the experience, the more likely they'll ask to go. My kids will come to me now and again and ask to go. I'm always pleased, but also a bit surprised. I'd never say "no", of course. ;)

  5. I agree: She. is. glowing!!


  6. Congrats. to a clean sparkly soul.

  7. rosie's smile is so cute! You'll have to scrapbook rosie's confession journey! The girls' picture is adorable!! they just get cuter and cuter :)

    your sis~

  8. I just love seeing people happy to go to confession! Back when I became a Catholic they treated it like it wasn't that important. It just became something for me to be afraid of. Now I look forward to it so much! It is such a blessing to have our children taught to love the confessional.

  9. Happy, happy Sacrament to B.R.!!!
    Her insides are as beautiful as her outsides now!!!
    Love and Congrats,
    Sarah and Family

  10. I LUV how children really GET it. They feel the Sacrament.

    God bless her!


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