Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Up!

After an hour and 1/2, my husband got it up to stay. Branches were cut, the trunk cut and it still fell...without resorting to screwing it to the floor, (which gave me a chuckle, great idea though)

We ran to the store and bought a new bottom for it! Note to everyone buying bottoms: Don't buy the $7 one, buy the $18 one, it is more expensive for a reason. It works.
Now, we will dress the tree again!


  1. Hooray! It looks like it's there to stay now! Enjoy the re-decorating!

  2. That's very similar to the base we own. Happy re-decorating!! The naked tree still looks beautiful, Jamie. I do like the short needled trees, but seldom get that variety. Can't be choosy when we get the tree for free from G&G.

  3. I think we have like a 1 million dollar tree stand. It is huge...ya know what kind of trees we like to get....HUGE!!

    Glad to see and hear that the tree is standing!


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