Thursday, December 3, 2009


Okay, what is the big deal with these dumb looking things?
I'm sure you've seen them, whether you watch T.V. or not, they are everywhere! I've seen them in I think every store, even the grocery store!
Now, please tell me what the difference is between one of these Snuggie's and an old fashioned robe? (except that maybe a robe is easier getting into?)
I have to admit, I do get a good chuckle every time I see them.
Personally, I'd rather wear a robe, or what about a good old fashioned blanket? I love snuggling up with the quilts my grandma made me.
Everyone is walking around looking like they are about to graduate from something...the school of bad fashion?


  1. I am with you, Jamie! If I am cold, I get a blanket. If I am cold and going to be working with my hands, I put on a sweater. I love the thought of everyone at my sons' soccer games in late October wearing snuggies (or snoogies if you're Michael)-give me a break! :)

  2. They all want to look like Obi-wan-kanobi!!

    It is just a most junk out there. Remember beanie babies??? I did not spend a dime on those.

    It really is amazing what people will buy.

  3. These completely crack me up!!! Have you seen the animal print ones???

    I keep teasing my 15 yo that I am going to get her one...

    he he he

  4. Oh they have Kid sizes and Dog ones now too! LOL We all have one and to be honest I'm glad we do. Our living room is drafty, very, very, drafty, often a sweater still doesn't cut it. I can sit in the chair all covered up and still be able to type on my laptop! With a blanket I can't do that, and well a robe just wouldn't cut it in this drafty house. I would never get one for the dog, although the kids today thought I should when they seen it on the shelf. LOL It is what it is... I think it's silly that the so call "news" show had to a demo on it. That's just nuts if you ask me!

  5. Even though they seem like a good idea, I have not yet bought them. I am thinking that I will have to cut them to fit me. I am a petite person. Or perhaps I will need to buy the child's size. LOL. Thanks for your comments on my post.

  6. I know it is not their intended purpose, but I do giggle every time I see these things advertised!

  7. My kids are begging for them. I'm with you not to sure why they're being pushed so much.

  8. I don't know if I should admit this or not, but my hubby got one for me. It started as a joke, him saying ok I should get you one of those (when we'd see it advertised on tv) becuase I'm one of those people who is always cold, and who has to have a blanket on her when on the couch. so one day he brings one home from the store --- no not the zebra striped one or the leopard spotted one, but a nice medium blue. well, I'm telling you, that snuggie is awesome. it keeps me warmer than a blanket or a quilt. there's something about the material that, when I put it on, it warms me up instantly. it's a very soft fleecy feeling. it is a bit cumbersome getting your arms in the sleeves, but once you're in it, you're all set for snuggly warmth. I will say too though that don't get up to get something after you're nestled in your snuggie. It's too long. It's supposed to be that way I guess so it keeps your feet fully covered, but if you get up and try to move, you'll trip on it. so I have to hold it up (think wedding gown) when I walk around with it on. :)

  9. i must confess...
    i have a zebra print one.
    my husband HATES the commercials.
    we laugh at them ALL.THE.TIME.
    and then yesterday, due to the freezing state of my house-and me knitting with icicles forming at the end of my nose-my mom brings me an early Christmas present-and guess what it was-a zebra snuggie....
    i never thought i'd admit it aloud, much less on the WORLD WIDE WEB-that i wear a snuggie!

  10. Ladies!!! Thank you so much for your honesty...and the laugh today! Sorry, had to laugh, especially at the zebra print one!! Oh, and the tripping on the long-ness of it....just too funny.

    Like I said, blanket & Robe, maybe some socks? haha!!

    You ladies are great!

  11. I'd look a right giant arse in one of those here in Hawaii! ;) I think they are really stoooopid.

    And, I'm going to try and remember to stuff one of my ancient Beanie Baby things into Kissteen's box when I mail it just for her snark. ;)


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