Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Hills Are Alive...

With the sound of children.....
Up on top of our hill behind our house, if you look in the center of
the picture, you can see our little toddler jungle gym thingy, this is our backyard....
We call this the valley, it goes down then,
Back up the next hill for
Literally, seriously, the best view in town!!
We can count like 7 water towers from surrounding towns!
When we moved here 3 years ago, this was such a treasure to find and explore!
(and right in our backyard!)
Click on the picture, it will give you a little sense of it, but really in person, it is breathtaking!
Running down the hill!

Baby is in backpack for hikes like this one!!

Long, long, Fall shadows!

Hey, I can almost see Christine!!
From our hills!!


  1. Beautiful Photos Jamie Jo. I had one on mine that is from the highest point in the county I grew up in and it lets you see for so many miles. I never tire of looking at scenes like this.

  2. I remember sledding down that very hill with you and friends MANY moons ago. Remember that? ;) I have such fond memories of walking with my mom and Sugar up on that hill and around the cemetary almost every day. I miss her and the walks/talks we shared!!
    I'm so glad that you can be there to enjoy it. I really loved living in that part of town!
    Beautiful pictures - what park is that??

  3. In college I had the opportunity to take a photography class for $70bucks. At the time I need the money to eat so I passed. Now I am thinking...darn wish I would have.

    Maybe you could just leave the broken window and get a new camera instead!!!!???? hee hee

    love all your pics. I think they are great.

    Look at the one where you cam almost see me. I pass by that thing a zillion times a day.

    You do live in a cool house and back yard.

    love the sun pic!! We have had so many sunny days. Just perfect.

  4. gosh those pics
    (they are beautiful pics btw. and i think photography classes are overrated-just remember-good natural light and focus on your subject(s))
    make me want to head for the minnesota hills!
    how beautiful!
    i'd want to be outside all the who ends up an inside the house slave.
    this corner-smack in the center of-downtown house just isn't cutting it for me anymore.
    i really want to move.
    but dread the work involved...
    love those baby curls!
    and i, too, would've saved the money from the window and bought a camera!
    of course my lense is currently glued shut from a yogurt in the back seat incident-so i am borrowing my mom's expensive camera-which i noticed the other day is getting awfully full of fingerprints!
    ah, such is life with kids!


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