Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday

It's still Thursday, isn't it?
I'm thankful for of course faith and family,
for teeth that are pushed out by the new teeth....
(that one on the right is also being pushed out and that's poison ivy on her chin)
I'm thankful for kiddos who every time I sit to nurse the baby, still run and say, "can I sit by you?"
(yes, of course you can! But you must give me kisses!)
I'm thankful for kiddos nursing and taking care of their babies. We've brought babies to Mass, to the store and outside in the freezing cold this week!

I'm thankful my cow cupcakes turned out great!!
My husband's partner's birthday was this week and he grew up on a dairy farm, he loved the surprise delivery.
I'm thankful for blooming roses in my backyard (even now)....

I'm thankful our Kids Pro-Life Club bake sale earned $600 at our little parish alone!

And I'm thankful I don't have to bake this weekend!
I'm thankful for sweet, puffy, pink, snow balls of babies in winter coats!
(Oh, baby, I'm sorry we live in MN, but someday you will love the snow, I promise!)
I'm thankful this tree (or any tree for that matter) didn't fall on our house or on anyone.
(We had 40-60 mph winds these past 2 days and 2 of my book club ladies actually saw this tree fall down across the street! So sorry those neighbors just paid to trim their trees!)

Little Sweetie Pie is walking between things now, taking up to 6 steps, but once we start cheering, she gets all excited and falls down! I'm thankful for happy babies learning to walk!! I'm happy the sun was shining today!! We had 5 days straight of rain, rain, rain!


  1. You tell my sweet little Ramona Goddaughter not to get into the poison ivy again! Poor thing! At least she has the new teeth as something fun to think about. And nursing her babies. I love it - Eva still does that now and again!
    Those cupcakes and barn were absolutely fantastic!! I bet he just loved them!
    I was sad to get out the winter coats this week in the midst of green grass and green leaves still. Still looks like early fall here in ND! Well, the fallen fences and trees here from our 64 mph winds add a certain touch :)
    Give everyone a hug from all of us! Let's meet halfway again SOON!

  2. A simply wonderful post Jamie and I really liked the cake and cupcakes. Great family & great pictures. Have a happy friday.

  3. Great job on the barn and the cows. Too cute!
    That's great on the bake sale too...those look like some very yummy treats that I'd enjoy about now too :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Just stopping by to say HI! Love seeing the pics of your kids and that's wonderful bakesale news. People are so generous...

  5. I love the cake too...this coming from someone who can hardly make jello!!

    The winds have been wicked. Picking up sticks here.

    Love the baby in pink.
    Love the new teeth.
    Love the roses. How beautiful.

    You are blessed.

    Bake sale such a good thing.


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