Friday, October 8, 2010

Let's Meet Half Way!

2 Vans full of kiddos
2 friends missing each other so very much, together as if never apart!
Little girls in pink running around like sisters do
Special friends together as if never apart!
(Noelle and Ballerina Rosie)
Boys reading Lego books in the grass....far away from the 7 girls running around!
(Jedi and Luke)
Crazy kiddos on a beautiful fall day

Meeting half way.
As if never apart!
My good friend, Sarah called Tuesday morning and by the time we got the message, we'd already almost finished school, so we left for the day to meet half way.
They live in Fargo...far away from us!
It was a great day to spend picnicking in the park!
Can't wait to meet half way again!


  1. What a lovely way to end the week. Keeping in touch with dear friends is so important and I could see the most prominent emotion was joy.

  2. So good to get together with friends.

    You both have kids who can play...girls and boys!

    I like the picture of Jedi with his hand on the babys head and baby is holding some pink thing...your camera/purse???

    my baby is constantly taking my wallet or keys to chew on.

    very good idea to meet in the middle.

    have a super duper weekend!!!!

  3. How perfect! Beautiful weather to enjoy with wonderful friends. Sounds like fun and might I add, lookin' good mamas!! :)

    Dare I say I think I recognize your meeting place?? Hmm...vaguely familiar :0

  4. You both have the happiest smiles on your mom faces. And that looks like a great spot. I love your spontaneousness to get up and go.

    When I first saw the post heading I thought maybe you were coming somewhere I could meet you....

    Maybe someday. :)

  5. so you wanna bring christine and come meet me halfway too....

  6. Yes, Regan, "Meet me in Montana...." Isn't that a country song w/ Marie Osmond?

    We'd love to.....someday!

  7. What beautiful pictures to capture our (WAY too short!!) time together last week. The kids keep asking when we can "meet half way" again!!!
    What a wonderful surprise to read your post after our impromptu family reunion this weekend in Dulutha and Itasca. You started it!! :)
    Love you muches,
    Sarah and my little "halfsies"
    PS I'm working on what we discussed at the park. We'll see! :)


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