Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mommy Dates!

 All the kiddos are starting to ask for "mommy dates" 
which means it's been a I think since summer!
Last Friday, Ballerina Rosie told Tom and I she wanted a "mommy date" or "daddy date"
she didn't care, but she wanted to watch Prince of Persia after the others went to bed and 
have popcorn and chocolate ice cream.
(which is a GREAT movie, by the way)
She has always been neither mommy or daddy girl,
having no special preference. 
I think it's more about what she can get actually.
Hoping she remembers the time spent with us and not what she got to do so much....

*interesting side note:

Jedi--was always a mama boy til he turned 4...then something happened, he noticed his daddy 
and I had to almost mourn the loss of him on evenings and weekends where he was glued to daddy's side.
I loved it, though, knowing it was what he needed and the importance of daddy.

Ballerina Rosie--neither, independent and strong willed!

Mary Hannah--always a daddy girl!!  She literally only wanted me for my milk when she was a babe.

Colette--mama girl...still is!

Sweetie Pie--mama girl, but she really loves her daddy too, she might change over...

I think the kiddos know these "dates" need to get in before the baby comes, 
so they are planning and trying to figure out times it will work out.

The others want to go to the Adoration Chapel, 
which to me, is a little bit of Heaven to start our evening.
(Ballerina Rosie would have too, but our date was at home)

Jedi wants to then, go to the library where we can pick books out and sit and read, 
then go out to eat....

Mary Hannah wants to then go get her pictures taken at Sears and then out to eat.....
(every time we pass a restaurant, she says, "Hey, mama we could go there for our "mommy date"!)

Colette, doesn't have any preference, she just wants a "mommy date"

Sweetie Pie...doesn't know what she's missing (yet)

Now, I do take different kiddos every other week when I go shopping and we do 
different things with different kiddos, but this is special time, where my time and energy 
is focused on them and not what needs to get done. 
It's time, that I hope makes them feel special and not so lost in a larger family.
Time set aside to look them in the eye with no distractions
and tell them what I love about them and that I'm interested in them.


  1. I think these 'mommy and daddy dates' are really neat trend I see. I don't ever remember hearing about them growing up.

    I often feel like I need to set aside time to spend with my two year old daughter who is very independent and would be happy spending the whole day playing alone- until she starts acting up and we realize she didn't get enough attention. As far as my son goes, he sucks all the attention from the room, so I don't think he needs any mommy dates anytime soon!

  2. How very, very special. These times will never be forgotten. They will be doing that with their own kids someday- what a wonderful legacy to pass on!

  3. Sarah--I have some of each of those kiddos, some that demand attention and steal it away from everyone in the room and some who at the end of the day, I need to ask, "did I hug you today?"

    You'll know when the time is right.

    Shelly--I hope they are. I wish they were more often...but even my husband and I haven't had a date since our b-days beginning of Sept....

  4. Ok, my question is, how in the world do you find time for the dates? I love the idea, but it seems overwhelming to me when even trying to make it to the grocery store is such a daunting task! Maybe it's the pregnancy speaking... :) My kids would love it though.

    When I was able to walk farther than 100 feet (haha) I did take my 2 year old for walk alone which she loved. So I guess it's the little things - as always.

  5. Nicole--it's hard!! The movie thing, I have to admit, I thought selfishly to myself...that's my time....I'm to tired to stay up late!! But it turned out great and she loved it. It is those little things....really, I usually let them decide what to do, but I could easily say, "This is what we are doing..." and even if it was small,it would work.

    My husband is also very accomodating (sp?) with this, he just says "pick a day"

    Summer is easier, because it's cheaper, a walk to the park or around the lake, get ice cream and we are done. The last date I did with my 9 year old, we went to the flower gardens in our town and sat and drew fashion designs for wedding dresses. (something she loves to do) and got something to drink. That's it.

    Early breakfast someplace alone would be good too, on a Sat when Daddy is there. Jedi and I went out to breakfast before getting groceries together last month, and he LOVED it.

    Oh, and good, I thought I was the only pregnant woman who walking 100 feet is hard as heck!!! Just the thought of parking someplace and walking in, is dreadful right now.

  6. I bet summer is easier. And God bless those stores that have expecting and new mom parking spots!

  7. Absolutely positively the BEST thing you can do for each child...a time with Mom and a time with connect and to stay connected! And even teens love the time (though we don't call it "mommy-or-daddy-dates" now...)

  8. We sometimes do 'guys moring out' where Brian takes out all the boys for a morning breakfast.

    That is a wonderful tradition for your kids. I am sure they will always remember this time you shared with them.

    Thanks for having book club....I needed some me and Jamie time. AND for the phone call. I really needed a shoulder to lean on after almost burning done the woods.
    Brian didn't get mad. Thanks for the prayers.

  9. What a special post and feeling do change through the years.
    When I got the email from Novena it ask me to share my favorite saint. I responded with St. Damien because of his love and ministry to the lepers in Hawaii. When I was in Viet Nam in 1969 I had the honor to tour a leper colony and have thought about him ever since. The emails have started coming now so that should help a lot.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  10. LuAnne--had to laugh at your comment, about "mommy/daddy time" I suppose it will change, sooner than I'd like. I really think it will matter most when they are teens. I would have loved my mom or dad to have done that with me.

    Christine--love the boys morning out thing, you need a girls morning out too!!!!

    Odie--already answered you in an email!! You're the greatest!

    Nicole--Where are those stores? The kiddos think I should be able to park in the million of handicapped spots they have at walmart....

  11. There are only two stores locally that do it and one happens to be our tiny Wal-Mart!

    The other is a small-chain grocery store but I don't go there often because it tends to be more expensive. However, they always, always have two people to help when you check out - the cashier and the bagger, who then puts all your bags on a conveyor belt, and all you have to do is get the kids to the car and drive around for them to load it. Now that I think about it, maybe I should just go there these last few weeks! (They also have a play space to watch young ones while you shop for groceries.) This is sounding better and better...

  12. We also do "Mommy time" or "Daddy time." We don't scheduled days, we just plan them when we see one of the kids needing some special extra attention.

    Today I had "Girl Time" with my 5 year old. She needs this time often, as her two brothers torment her constantly. Luckily, she's happy doing whatever and wherever; she just wants me to herself. Today we simply hung around the house, doing laundry and giggling and giving baths. She loved it.

  13. I'm glad you brought this subject up again, Jamie. I have lots of dates with Faith -- we're together all day every day, alone! But, I think it's important to do this with my boys, teens and young adult. They don't stop needing their mom (and dad) just because they can (almost) take care of themselves. :-)

  14. A coworker of my husband's once told him that he took his daughter on "dates" to establish a standard of how well she should be treated when it came time for the real thing. We thought this was a great idea and our daughters are now getting old enough that we want to start doing the same. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  15. I'm late on mine too!!! We call ours " special days.". Loved your little peek into their preferences! Have fun with your Mama dates as you wait for your date with the new little one;-)


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