Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Apologies

I must apologize to my good friend Karla.
I made a generalization in my last post about Mormons.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not practice polygamy.

These "Sister Wives" are a break off of the mainstream Mormons.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint's Church's statement is found here

I, know, far too well, that among churches, there are many break offs and those break offs still call themselves what they are not.  The Catholic Church is no exception.

That is why I clarify myself, as being "Roman Catholic" meaning I'm with Rome on all things.

SO, I hope my friend accepts my apology, it was not my intent to hurt anyone!


  1. Very humble of you, Jamie! I'm sure your friend, if she is truly your friend (and I'm guessing that she is) will either forgive right away or find in her heart that she desires to forgive.

  2. Very sweet of you to clarify. The Sister Wives are a group unto themselves.

  3. I have quite a few friends in the blog world that are Mormons and all I get from them is people that love the Lord and are the kind of people you want to be. I am a better person for knowing them and you too. I should have my CD by the time I get back home. Looking forward to it.

  4. I didn't know that! Thanks for clarifying.

    (And also, thanks for your sweet responses to my blog posts! Hopefully I'll get around to responding to them soon!)

  5. Sweet Jamie Jo!
    I wasn't offended at all. It's just that it seems like people generalize mormons with all the different breakoffs, so I felt like I needed to clarify. You are the kindest person, and I appreciate the apology, although none was needed. I hope you are well! I pray for you often and that this pregnancy continues to go smoothly.

    Love you much!
    Karla (yep, it's me... Wild)

  6. Hi Jamie,

    OK, this is really weird. I clicked on your other Karla commentor ( not often that I see my name spelled with a K) and it linked to MY BLOG!!! How is that??? Ummm, I never commented about Mormans! Help? I am kind of freaking out that someone is using ME to make comments!!!!???

  7. Feeling REALLY dumb right now. If I click on Home it automatically goes to my blog....doesn't matter whose name I click on...Please ignore previous panic post, haha!

  8. OK, Karla in MN, my good, old friend, Karlahome is also from MN and we grew up together and will forever love the rainbow together.....she does spell her name the same as you, but she is no longer in MN, she's in a different state!!

    Thank you so much Karla--my good old friend--I miss you!!! So good to "hear" from you!!

  9. Hi Jamie, that's what's so darn frustrating about religion. Anyone can break off and create their own doctrine and profess it came from the Holy Spirit. It muddles up all the religions and creates more division then ever.

    I don't watch Sister Wives myself so I don't know if they include a disclaimer about their religion or not but on the show's appearance's sake ~ one would think it was a common practice among the Mormon faithful.


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