Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday!

 Thankful for programs like this one--if you missed my last post, 
Here it is!
Something so easy, yet can mean so much!
 Thankful for this little snacker, she's such a fun baby...and that's it, 
I'm going to have to quit calling her "baby", she may be small, but
she's full of spunk and soon not going to be the "baby"
(can you hear me sobbing?)
 Thankful for silly orange monkey faces!
 Thankful for hot cocoa and cute babies big girls who can sip like the big kiddos!
 She loved it, even though I insisted she wear a bib (she doesn't like wearing bibs)
 Thankful for some reason, the mail order catalog people think we are rich and they send me 
beautiful catalogs like this one so I can wish and dream of ordering
(they really are beautiful clothes)
 Thankful that I think I can call myself  "an expert" on the topic of lice
(I think I'm thankful for that)
It has been a very long, tiring week, full of laundry, and cleaning and hair treatments, 
but we cut all our hair with the summer baseball helmet lice, so no one had to lose 
12 inches of hair or anything (4 of us did in June)
and I knew exactly what to do first.
 Thankful for cold November days...changing of seasons is good, 
it's crisp, it's new, it's a sign of God's unending cycle of life.
 Thankful for big sisters and little sisters...
 Thankful this little girl didn't give up on her mama.
I promised her a "tea party" on Sunday...then, Lice happened, so no time for a tea party.
You see, to her, a tea party means
 homemade cookies and lemonade,
 which she gets to help make and serve.
 I hope my girls remember these days and not the crazy screaming mama days!!
 Thankful for little girls and purses!
I love this stage, she takes her purse everywhere, even outside to play, 
It's along for runs all around the yard and on her bike and to the store!!
 Thankful for Advent books for me, the mama!
I ordered these last year and loved them!
I can't wait to start them again.
 I'm also attempting to start this one....Signs of Life--40 Catholic customs and their biblical roots!!
Our faith is totally bible based and it reminds me of Bishop Sheen's quote:
"There are not over 100 people in the U.S. that hate the Catholic Church, there are millions however, 
who hate what they wrongly believe to be the Catholic Church."
 Thankful for cute babies  big girls doing puzzles in curly piggy tails!
Thankful, so thankful-
31 weeks today!!
6 weeks, 4 days left 
(c-section scheduled Jan 3rd)
See?  Big as a house--all over!
Next week, the appointments quadruple.
I have 2 ultrasounds 
1 appt with the nurse
1 appt with my O.B.
4 appts per week, til the end....
when I'm not at the clinic, I'll be doing 
laundry, and trying to stay on track with school!

Thankful Thursdays
A time to remember to be thankful
A pause in the week for praise,
thanksgiving and thinking positively
in addition to the normal daily praise
we need to give God.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Ahhh- it's so wonderful to see such good things. Your kids are beautiful and you are not as big as a house- you are looking very good. Thank you for sharing-

  2. Love it: and you look beautiful! I need to get around to answering your e-mail (and lovely responses soon!), but for now let it suffice to say that you're welcome to come over whenever you like, with kids or without (although you're right: without lice would be extra-nice.)

    I know the feeling about those super gorgeous magazines: I just have to throw Pottery Barn out. When my sister and I were little, we used to play what we called "The Claim Game": basically glorified coveting. It was fun though.

    Oh, and yes, we do remember more of the fun days and less of the not-so-fun ones. :)

  3. I love it!! And I agree you look beautiful!!! Almost there!! How exciting! :)

  4. Thanks Shelly, hope it brought some happy into your life today!

    Laura-- Thanks so much--My kiddos play "pick a store to be your house" and they pick Byerly's, because they are such a cool, expensive store and Target, because we shop Walmart and so Target is stepping up I guess!!haha!!

    Conservamom--You're too nice!

  5. You look radiant!! Just love that color on you... (and Shelly is right - you are not as big as a house, you look great!)

    I love your Thankful Thursday posts.
    Blessings to you~

  6. Is it just me or are the pictures even cuter than normal this week?!?!??!? Especially the one of you! I love it! :)

  7. First of all...

    --I wish we could take side-by-side pics together, i swear I'm bigger than you! We are only a week apart from each other, but I think you're going to deliver ahead of me.

    --Your daughters tea party made me thirsty. Is that strawberries floating in the lemon-aide? It looks so good!

    --You've inspired me to buy Advent books. Especially the one of Padre Pio! Yes, today I will order one.

    --Glad I'm not the only Mama who also gets crabby and screaming sometimes. My daily prayer is always, "Lord, help me not to take my crabbiness out on the kids today!" I always feel bad for how I talk to people when I'm tired. I'm snippy, but I don't mean to be. I'm just so tired and my nerves are raw. There's always something to work on!

    Great Thankful post!

  8. Thank you Lori and Kari--you are way too kind!!

    Becky--You are funny!! I wish we could get together too, hopefully someday we will meet! The lemonade is actually Crystal lite, I think it's Raspberry lemonade...with only ice floating in it!

    My crabby time is actually right before patience have run out and I just want them in bed. I know I have to work on it...they get this round of energy around 7pm and are just wild!! Drives me crazy!! We do books for a windown, but there are still the sloooooooooww ones that take super long to do everything.

    The Advent books, I remember liking one better than the other one, but can't remember which one....

  9. I think you look so good.

    Fun to see pictures of the kids. They are getting so big. I am still calling my little stinker "baby" for a long time. Until a new one comes!

    Colette never had a purse. I truly think it is because she is surrounded by boys. She is more of a "tom-boy" like me. My baby might be more girly-girl.

    I like it still "fall". Last year we had snow on Nov. 13th. This is nice. NO SNOW until Dec.!

  10. You have much to be thankful for Jamie! Your girls are such a delight that they will remember their childhood with fondness!

    Your scheduled c-section is on my birthday! I will be praying for you!!

  11. Where to start....I love this post!

    Most of all...your books! I am going to have to come back when I start my shopping cart. I really am interested in the 40!

    Such beautiful blessings you have in your home!

    Plus....I did see a star / reward system...very curious there.

    God bless!

  12. Jamie- I can't believe you are dealing with lice again! I feel like my blog post somehow transmitted the lice to your house.
    My neighbor had lice and went crazy. She threw away carseats, helmets, and even the accent pillows on her couch.
    I have been thinking of you often after just having sanitized every piece of bedding in my house. If we get them again I am calling you- the lice expert!
    I love your Thursday posts.

  13. What a beautiful, glowing momma! We are SO blessed to be able to carry life within us! I always loved being pregnant during Advent and having that very real connection with our Blessed Mother.

    Your girls are so cute, too! I love the tea parties. Blessed moments, indeed.

    …btw, can I ask you for prayers, Jamie? I'm typing from my laptop in bed. I somehow did something to my back/neck while exercising on Wednesday and it has gotten progressively worse. Thank goodness I had some leftover Tylenol with codeine from when I tore a toe ligament a few months ago. *sigh*

  14. You look so radiant and beautiful. The children, as always, are beautiful, too!

    So sorry to hear you are going thru the lice thing...again!! You gotta be knocking time off in purgatory for this...ha ha.

  15. This was a girly post for sure Jamie. I enjoyed all the smiling, beautiful and silly faces of very happy children. You have so much to be thankful for my friend. Great picture of you at the end. Looks like you are as we say "in the short rows now". Have a wonderful weekend.

  16. Christine--snow is coming tomorrow!! supposedly 3-6 inches...was hoping it would wait til baby came...oh, well!

    Yay, Noreen!! That's going to be a special day, even more now!!

    Tina--I think I got that book, the Scott Hahn from CHC web....pretty sure! It's great so far!
    and yes, that's a reward system for our 5 year old, we just started it, because she seems to go limp every time we ask her to do anything. She loves pennies, but doesn't care about money...(make sense?) so we put it that she gets a star for each thing she does, make her bed, put her jammies away, get dressed, brush teeth, clear her table and the same at bed time and pick up toys and "extra jobs" for times she just helps with whatever. So far, since last Saturday, she's gotten about 50 stars!! That will be the pennies she will get too. She wants pennies too and not quarters or dimes...pennies.

    It worked pretty good...only had to threaten to take the chart away twice, and she ran to the fridge and screamed "no no no!" and then did the job being asked.

    hoping it works.
    I'll have to do a post on jobs and charts sometime, it's just soooo much!!

    Jill--you only sanitized everything once? I'm doing everything every day!! (til the 3rd treatment) We did throw out our living room couch pillows...I took your post on lice as a sign, that I didn't get til 2 days later!

    Kelly--I already answered you in an email!!:) Praying for you!!!

    Allison, I hope so!!! I'm actually offering it all up for the baby.

    Odie, you are just so sweet!! You're right, about it being girly, but my son, when I take pictures of him, always says "Don't put that on your blog" Then I can't, because he doesn't want me to...


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