Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Prayer Request!

Please send your prayers up for Sarah's soul and her sister Adela and all involved in this whole situation.

Read here

And then, go hug your kids and tell them how special they are!


  1. Oh gosh, praying for that whole situation. How sad.

  2. How sad! It just goes to show how the children suffer from the sins of their parents. Something to always remember for sure! i definitely pray--thanks for letting us know.

  3. Cried when I read that story. so very very very sad.

  4. Jamie, thank you so much for this post. It truly means so much to know that so many prayers are going forth.

  5. Thanks everyone for the prayers...

    Shelly--we have the power in blog world to change things by loving each other and praying for each other.


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