Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pregnancy Dreams!

OK, we all know that when we get pregnant, we dream crazy dreams, right?
Well, I do.
I know it's because of the non-existent deep sleep that should be happening.
It's like we are always in that Rem dream sleep. (that's what it's called, right?)
The other night, I dreamed between "Pregnancy Butts"
that my husband was a polygamist
and I was a sister wife.
The other wives faces were blurred,
but all the feelings were there
as if it were real.
It was a nightmare.
I guess I've been catching this show sometimes on TLC
It's called TLC, because it stands for "The Learning Channel"
Which should be good, right?

Well, what do you think of the show?

I like some things and hate some things.

I like the women,
 I think doing the show is doing what they want it to,
it is making other people aware and maybe accepting of them.
Notice, I did not say "their lifestyle"
It seems to me it is more about the wives than the marriage.

I like these women, because they are loving, kind and wonderful mothers.
I could see myself actually being friends with them,
but of course, disagreeing with their lifestyle choice, I guess religion choice.
 they are women.
there is jealousy and confusion and lots and lots of tears.
I don't like that the show could potentially make others fall into this lifestyle.
I think these women and the husband are trying to live up to their faith.
I just think they are confused as to what the TRUTH is.

I am so very thankful that I believe in the Blessed Trinity

(Mormons do not)
(I must clarify also that the "Sister Wives" belong to a different sect, they are not
Latter-day Saint Mormons, who do not practice polygamy)

Jesus Christ is True God and True Man
That I believe in the One True God, 
that marriage is sacred, between one man and one woman.
One with God.

Now, I made sure to tell Tom not to go marrying another woman, I'm not looking for a Sister Wife 
and he, of course said,
"You watch too much garbage!"

Yes, I probably do.


  1. I'm having a lot of weird pregnancy dreams too. I've considered blogging about it, but it might scare my brother off (he is one of my more faithful readers but rarely comments. I only know he reads my blog because he seems to know more about my life than what I actually tell him.)

    I've never watched the Sister Wives show, or ever wanted to. It's just one of those things that I want to stay away from, more for my own sake. Watching shows like that, or about people who want to get pregnant and resort to artificial means to get pregnant, only end up causing a lot of conflict and confusion--for myself. I find myself torn because I've gotten to like the "characters" on the show, but at the same time, don't agree with how they are living. So, for myself, it's just easier to not watch it.

    Boy, that was a long answer. Have a great day!

  2. I had a spider dream two nights ago...shaking my leg like a crazy woman woke me up!!!

    That show is just crazy. I watched only once because I just was curious. How can this possible work. Why oh Why are there not shows with one wife and 4 husbands??? I could get a lot more done around the house with 3 more guys doing jobs....JUST KIDDING!

    I like Toms answer. He made me laugh. I could just see Tom saying that too.

    I wanna be your sister-friend??!!!??!!

    Loving our faith and all that is true. So thankful for the TRUTH and the Church which Christ started to guide us. You can see how strange and misguided people can get. HELLO...KIM KARDASHION..(sp).

  3. Stop watching those garbage shows. :) I find the subject matter so distasteful, I can't watch. I think it's like any reality show or talk show - bunk, junk, and I've no time to waste on it.

  4. Hey, you guys!! I said I'm "catching this show sometimes" I don't even know when it's on. I do find it intriguing though.....

  5. I just don't get what those women get out of their relationship with him. It seems like they're all shortchanged. Your dream was definitely a nightmare!

  6. Ok, I'll come out of the closet and say that I pulled this series up on Netflix and have enjoyed watching it.

    There, I said it.

    I like the women and I just like seeing what adventures they go on- like their trip to the Wyoming ranch.

    Paul laughs at me when I ask him if he wants to take on another wife. ;)

    Anyway, I also wanted to say that I also always have 'pregnancy butt.'

    I love your posts. I can always relate!

    I think of you often.

  7. I watched it a few times and couldn't take it anymore. So weird! What I don't get it why 4 women would want to marry That Guy???

  8. LOL!

    I always have the craziest dreams when pregnant, too.

  9. Shelly-- I agree, with you, I feel so bad for them and then have to tell myself that they wanted this, they knew what they were getting into. I feel most bad for those kids, I think maybe they are shortchanged the most.

    Yay Jill!!!! Thank you. I know people watch it, otherwise it wouldn't be on!!!

    Beth--Exactly!!! It seems like at least one of them married for the sister wives and not so much just him. Which is even weirder and sadder.

    Kelly---has to be the lack of deep sleep, right? I actually dread the dreams and beg St JOhn Bosco to help me dream better dreams, dreams about Jesus. (he received visions in his dreams)

  10. lol. I watched that show while I was in labor with Liam and could hardly believe how WEIRD it was.

    Plus the guy is hardly attractive . .. don't really get it.

    Any case, I love your blog! Another blog I was perusing linked to this post and I couldn't help but read it, considering I've had some very strange pregnancy dreams as well. Any case, I was looking at your banner and thinking, "hm...that looks just like a family we go to church with. Hey! That IS a family we go to church with!" Any case, great blog and good luck again with all those crazy preggo dreams.

    God bless!

  11. Jamie, you always make me laugh!

    I've watched it too...hey, we're human...we're often fascinated by what's different from us...doesn't mean we want to live that lifestyle or even condone it!

    And I agree with you...I think if anyone is getting short-changed it's the kiddos...

    What I don't understand is the blatant disrespect for the law...I haven't seen enough segments to understand how this guy skirts around this...isn't polygamy illegal in all 50 states? Is he "technically/legally" only married to 1 of the women...

    I don't get it.

    What I do know is this...

    Sometimes, young people make mistakes...they are still good people and can always strive toward living a holier life.

    And some food for thought (for others)

    I too make mistakes. I have to live with the "shame" of resorting to in vitro every single day (and I wasn't driven to that b/c of TV). And even though I've been forgiven, I have yet to forgive myself. But guess what, God loves me so much...and knows and understands how our human nature drives us to do "artificial" things to achieve pregnancy...that, incredibly, he blessed me with 2 baby boys after the birth of our daughter.

    Sometimes we make mistakes...but God always makes good come from those mistakes.

    Perhaps Sister Wives is on the air so that other women do not fall into the same trap of sinfulness...

    WOW...this became a novel! LOL

    Love ya, Jamie!


  12. Hi Jamie
    I love reading your blog. You're a fantastic mother, Christian and beautiful person. I've never posted a comment on any blog, but feel I need to today. Mormons do not practice polygamy. Here is a link to the official statement by the Church

    I've never watched "Sister Wives", but as Hollywood often does, this show demoralizes marriage. I'm not sure if they say they are mormon on that show, but I can assure you, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does not allow nor endorse polygamy.


  13. I have watched as well. I sit down to nurse the baby after the rest of the clan is asleep, and once in a while it has been on.

    It is fascinating, to say the least. I really believe these "sister wives" are practicing their "faith", to the best ability they can, albeit not to as much satisfaction as they'd like.

    That said, I don't endorse polygomy. Period. My hubby has also said, " I leave the room for a minute, and look watch trash you are watching!" Yes, Dear! :)

  14. Karla (I think I know who you are--maybe) they do call themselves "Mormons" but, they do distinguish themselves as different than the Latter-day Saints Mormons,I will as well, I'll edit my post to say so.

    I'm sorry if I offended you, that was not my intention at all.


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