Sunday, March 11, 2012

12 Years Old!

 Jedi's birthday was Saturday!!
He can now, legally ride in the front seat!!
(not that he illegally did, 
he is a rule follower, he would not even do it the day before his birthday,
without me talking him into it--I'm not going to have to worry about this kid at all)
 Lego Ninjago is the newest thing he's into
 He picked this for his birthday cake....
 It never cuts and looks like the picture, why is that?
It was delicious and calorie free, of course...
He had a few friends over and they went out for pizza and bowling...
Mama stayed home with the baby--so no pictures
Happy birthday Jedi, you are such a great kid!!


  1. He sounds like such a sweet good guy. I can't believe you're going to have a teenage boy soon!

  2. What a neat kid- I'm so glad he had such a terrific birthday. I'll beet his sisters and little brother really look up to him. Tell him happy birthday, and your cake looks terrific! (I really loved the no calorie part. That's always true about birthday cakes, right?)

  3. Happy birthday! Pizza, bowling, cake - I'm sure he had a GREAT day!

  4. Just think Jamie next year you'll have a teenager in the house. I loved the pictures and his choice of cake was perfect.
    Give him a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Odie way down south.

  5. Happy Birthday Blessings to you Jedi.
    You are a blessing to your family and all your siblings will look up to you.
    STAY GOOD! I know you will.

    I usually send the camera with hubby. That is how I got the skiing and ice fishing pictures.

    I am sure he had a good time bowling with buds.

    My cooking NEVER EVER turns out. Yours looks very yummy!

  6. Happy Birthday Jedi! The dessert looks sooo delicious!

  7. Happy birthday Jedi! I so wish we lived closer to one another. My Mikey LOVES ninjago!

  8. Happy Birthday to your sweet son! 12 is one of those important birthdays...last year before officially becoming a teenager...sniff, sniff!

    Hope all is well.


  9. Happy Birthday! Sounds like he had a wonderful day!

  10. what a wonderful birthday party! that cake looks delicious. anything Cherry is a huge hit at our house. Jedi looks so tall in the front seat. they grow up so fast, don't they.

  11. Happy birthday Jedi! Rule followers are the best kind of child! You won't have to worry about them becoming a follower when his friends try to coax him off the right path. My son is like that too. Praise God!

  12. We have one waiting to turn 12 just for the reason of the front seat. It is good to know he wasn't alone. Happy birthday!

  13. Great job Great mommy. Happy Birthday Jedi!

  14. Happy Birthday to your precious Jedi! Wow, send that calorie free scrumptious cake my way:D


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