Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Special Novena

This is Leo.
I got to know his mama when I found out my baby was going to have a cleft lip/palate.
Leo was born with a cleft palate (not the lip)
He will have surgery next Monday, March 12th.
His mama helped me a ton before he was born, 
because, you see, she, too, chose to pump breastmilk for him exclusively.
Reading her story, gave me the courage to not only do it, but 
to keep it up. 
I even called her on I think Christmas Day, or maybe the day after, 
desperate, and crying "This is so hard, much harder than I ever imagined!"
I cried "How did you do this?"
She gave me lots of tips and each one helped me tremendously.
I owe her so much.
She's my hero.
You see, we not only get up in the middle of the night (several times) to feed our babies, 
but we also need to pump for our babies in the middle of the night.
It's a lot of work.
and I know Beth would agree with me,
It's all worth it.
Our babies are worth it!!

He and Simeon are 1 year apart, Simeon will be going through this same surgery 
next year, probably around this time.

His grandma made this novena for others to pray: 

Novena Prayer for Leo's surgery
written by my mom (thanks Mom!)

Dear Heavenly Father,
We commend Baby Leo into your care during his cleft repair surgery. His body is your creation, O Lord. Please guide the surgeon's hand and be with all who care for him. Pour your strength and grace into the hearts of his parents and all his family and grant them your peace. 
In your loving mercy, minimize Leo's pain, shorten his recovery, and heal him quickly so that his life may continue to give glory to your Holy Name.
We consecrate Leo to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to St. Joseph.

St. Madeleine, Blessed John Paul, and St. Leo the Great, please pray and intercede for him. 

I know it's late, I rarely post on Sundays, 
but this is too important to not.
Please pray for baby Leo.


  1. Thank you so much for the prayers and kind words!!!

  2. I am praying for sweet little Leo. Please keep us posted on him!

  3. Definitely saying a prayer for that cutie!

    And what an awesome gift for Simeon to have his mother's milk. God bless you.

  4. Consider it done my friend. I will remember Leo and his family daily.

  5. Praying and so thankful that we can make connections like this in life :)

  6. Oops, the anonymous was me, Colleen Martin!

  7. what an adorable young man! I'm praying for Leo as well!

  8. Leo is a sweet little guy! So cute!

    Praying for him and all you mama's who sacrifice so much for the babies. It is worth it. Every tired day. Hang in there Jamster!

  9. Will pray.

    And they are ALL worth it!


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