Friday, March 9, 2012

Thankful Thursday on Friday

 I didn't get time yesterday to post, but, I'm still thankful!
Thankful for red haired babies....
(click on the pictures...)
 What do you think?  We're thinking he might be a red head!
Daddy wanted a red-headed kiddo and finally got one!
His hair looks brown, though, sometimes...we'll see!
Thankful for babies in the sunshine!

 Thankful for curly braid hair
 Thankful for screaming babies and painting toddlers...
(did I just call her a "toddler"?--OK, she's not a baby anymore)
 Thankful for the one 50 degree day we had 
Thankful for schoolwork on the porch
Thankful for noodle fights (in the background--click on pictures!)
 Thankful this was the first time this sweet baby was able to go outside and get real fresh air!!!
The few times he's been out to the doctor, it's been close to zero degrees!
 Thankful we have lots more 50, 60 and maybe even 70 degree weather coming this next week!!
 Thankful for sweet angel kisses (freckles)
 Thankful for boys learning how to cook...we made homemade tortilla chips for tacos!
They were a hit!
 Thankful for gentle toddlers...
 and little mamas...
Thankful for a husband who buys these for the kiddos...because I just can't bring myself 
to buy what seems like junk for breakfast!!!

Thankful for baby smiles...and a loud home!

Hoping to post tomorrow....God bless!!

Please visit Odie, he retired today!!!
Congratulations and God bless you Odie!!!


  1. All the pictures are precious...but but but...THAT VIDEO with daddy...OH MY GOODNESS.. that was so sweet!!! What a sweet little baby boy. I love how his eyes look and look and look at his daddy. That baby is loved.

    Brian wanted a little red head baby too...Ava has a lot of red hair so he got what he wanted also.

    I have a lot of red hair on my mothers side. I think it is beautiful.

    I have dishwater color hair...blah.

  2. Another great thankful post (and I completely forgot it wasn't Thursday - it's been that kind of week...). Awesome smiles, gotta love 'em, and he does look like a red-head in those pictures. My toddler - not so gentle. And I'm all for big boys who can cook!!! Enjoy the warm weather ahead. I certainly will and am thankful that we were sick this week and not next so we CAN enjoy it. God bless!

  3. I DO think that's a sweet little red headed baby you've got coming up! Is he the first to have had red hair?

    I had to laugh at the pics of the 50 degree day because I saw bare arms, etc. We are 54 today and I have on multiple layers of clothing, extra socks, etc. I am not the hearty soul y'all are!

    Sweet, sweet pics!

  4. That is how my son's hair looked when he was teeny tiny, and he has a reddish brown, very auburn colored hair now at 3. Since he has no eyebrows, lol - they are just very pale really - we are pretty sure the color is here to stay. I think you may have one like ours! People stop us when we are out and comment on his hair - he is going to grow up being so vain about his hair because of all the attention he gets for it! But it IS so cute. I love it. I hope you get a little red head! We sure love ours. =o)

  5. What a wonderful post today Jamie with so many awesome pictures. Those kiddos are growing so much. The video with dad & Simeon was precious beyond words.
    Thanks for the plug, we had my farewell supper and that was fun especially with spouses there and some of the children. I will be posting some pictures.
    Have a restful night with sweet dreams and I'll catch up with you later.

  6. Don't you love it when two year olds are so gentle with babies? I love it when Anna comes up to me with her arms out meaning that she wants to hold the baby (she's still not talking yet.)

    Looks like he could be a redhead! How cute! I hope Daddy gets the redhead as he wanted! :-)

    Is it really supposed to be possibly in the 70s next week??? I heard 60s but I'll take 70! Wow!

  7. I agree with Christine, that video is so sweet, and that baby boy is so loved. A baby's smiles *almost* make up for all the sleepless nights leading up to it, right?

  8. I love your idea of thankful posts, Jamie Jo. It's such a great way to keep track of all the blessings ! yes, I definitely see the red in baby's hair. I think little red haired boys are so cute! we're expecting those 50 degree temps this monday and tuesday!

  9. Noodle wars! What a great idea at this time of year. We will have to try it out. Beautiful video!

  10. Christine said what I was going to say! Oh Jamie - that video of Tom and brought tears to my eyes. Such a touching and beautiful moment caught forever...

    Give all those cuties a hug from us! Loved all the pics lately!

    We haven't been as warm, but hope to see some 50's next week. What a nice change! Snow's a-melting!

    Luke left Jedi a HAPPY BIRTHDAY message - tell him our Mass and rosary are for him today! 12 is big stuff! :)

    Miss you guys!
    Love and prayers,

  11. I think that you've got a redhead! My 6 month old's hair looks very similar, and people are always asking, "Do you think she'll keep that red hair?" Somebody told me just yesterday that her son had hair that looked just like this and at age 8, his hair is very obviously red.


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