Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thankful Thursday!

 OH, my gosh!!
So much to be Thankful for this week!
Thankful Thursday
Taking time to be Thankful 
for the ordinary things in life
things that happen every day
A time to remember to be thankful to God
A pause in the week for praise,
 thanksgiving and thinking positively
in addition to the normal 
daily praise we need to give God.
(even in the muck of life)

With temps in the 60's and even around 70 here in Minnesota,
I'm Thankful for that, and for girls catching water dripping off the roof 
and playing literally all day in it.
(ruining their winter boots)
 Thankful we hopefully won't need them anymore anyway!
Thankful for rubber boots....

 See that snow?  
Thankful it's gone now!!!
 Thankful for a Sunday walk....
 A Tuesday walk....(it was gloomy and rainy/misty Monday)
 that took us to the big field behind our run and play in...
 Thankful for muddy paths through the woods, up the hill...
 and running kiddos down our hill to our home...
 Thankful for Wednesday walks and sleeping babies and neighbor ladies... 
 OH, that fresh air knocked him out--he slept like 3 hours after coming inside!!
(I got so much done)
 Thankful for mud to play in and little girls who are not afraid to get dirty...
 "Mama--I ceenin', I ceenin!"
(I'm cleaning, I'm cleaning!)
Thankful for a girl after my own heart!!
 Don't you just wish you were a kid again?  
Playing in the mud, making mud soup 
 without a care in the world?
 Thankful for new tree climbers...
(she's so proud she can finally climb!)
Thankful to see life through my kiddos eyes again
 Thankful for swinging time...
 Thankful for little girls curls
I just want to keep her hair like this forever
Thankful for sweet little babies
This weekend, I ate gluten, to test it out 
(hence the laundry screamer)
I had to try out that cake of Jedi's
(it had an Oreo crust)
and then we fon-dued for his birthday supper
(with a batter to dip cheese into) 
and did the same thing on Sunday,
He was so fussy Sunday and Monday
He is fussy anyway, especially in the evenings,
but, when I don't eat that gluten, he's got these 
times of happiness and contentment 
full of smiles and cooing.

Thankful I can do something to make it better for him

Thankful for baby Leo and that his surgery was a success!!
(he still needs prayers for a speedy recovery and the pain to go away quickly--poor baby)

Thankful my friend Susie, passed a kidney stone the other day and is doing fine!!

Thankful for another friend who brought us a whole bunch of meals for our freezer, 
she even brought gluten free muffins and pizzas for me!!

Thankful for a call from my brother's wife and hopefully a relationship on the mend
(his and mine)

Thankful for all of you
Have a great weekend! 


  1. Such wonderful things, once again. Your baby girl is no longer a baby, is she? She's grown so much- love that she is wanting to help you clean.

    It looks like beautiful weather there- enjoy!

    And wonderful news about the mending relationship. I hope it all works out!

  2. Oh that last line about your brother brought a tear to my eye. Yet another lovely thankful post. Isn't there such freedom in the outdoors? I feel so close to God there, myself. Just the fresh air gives one a thankful spirit. So happy to hear your little guys took a good nap for you:)

  3. Look at those baby blue eyes! He is so adorable. So nice you could take him for a walk. I haven't done that yet with mine!

    Isn't this warm temperature great? I hope it keeps up this way and doesn't snow on our heads

  4. Wow Jamie that was quite a list and I bet you could have come up with some more. With your group of kiddos it is no doubt that you are thankful. Those pictures were precious and I am really glad to see that your snow is leaving so life will be easier. I have been concentrating on trying to get areas of our house organized so that is keeping me busy. Hope you have a restful night and sweet dreams. Take care and say hi to your sweet family for me.

  5. That's a great list! We are enjoying the spring time here too and lots of mud. It's fun- until it's time to come in...

    That's wonderful your baby is doing better on your new diet.

    Thank you for sharing the many reasons to be thankful to God!

  6. I hope all goes well with your brother. I wish I had a brother! I wish my kids had more cousins.

    It looks like you and the kiddos had a great time outside enjoying the sunshine, water and mud.

    Glad the gluten thing is all figured out. It is easier to have a cooing baby then fussy. Always hard for me to see babies cry. That is why I am still nursing. Too hard for me to let Ava scream and scream in her bed.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  7. I have been reading your blog for a while now, and I thought it was time to comment. I love to see your active Catholic family! I will be following you and continuing to read. Feel free to share in my journey as a catholic mother at I am just starting out as a mother and I'd love all the suggestions and help I can get!

  8. I do love your thankful thursday posts, Jamie. those photos look like a scene from our house!! so much fun outside. I'm loving those boots. they are as big as your little girlie!! God bless your family on this great feast day of St. Joseph!!


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