Tuesday, March 6, 2012


OK, after 10 weeks of being up several times in the night,
I'm falling prey to infomercials
Everything starts to look good  great  wonderful amazing!!
Now, I don't have an extra hour yet to work out, 
but, I tell you, when that comes...maybe when school is done this summer?
I so want to learn how to do this
 (and lose some weight of course)
Does anyone out there Zumba?
(and does it work?)


  1. Hmm, I've never heard of Zumba, and I'm up at night too. (Though I don't watch the infomercials, because they convince me every time that I "need" whatever they're selling!)

    I'm curious though, if anyone else knows what it is or if they've tried it. I'll keep checking the comments!

  2. I know people who do Zumba and LOVE it... but I'm totally NOT that coordinated, so have not done it myself. If you like to dance, go for it. People even get together in these huge Zumba gatherings and Zumba together like crazy. Let me know how it goes.

  3. I do Zumba with the fitness class I teach. If you like to dance, you will love Zumba. It is a LOT of hip shaking, and so you really work your lower abs and core. It's not as big a calorie burn for me as running or step aerobics, but it is fun and lively, and helps keep me motivated.

  4. I got Zumba for our Xbox. Tried it twice. YES you do have to be coordinated. It is FUN to do but not the calorie burn like Shelly said.

  5. I've been fascinated by Zumba too! I was going to try it after Gianna, but then got pregnant again so I couldn't. I just bought Zumba 2 for our Wii over the weekend. Have tried twice. Lots of hip shaking and dancing, which I am not the greatest at, but still can do it. I read lots of online reviews on Zumba, Just Dance, etc. and decided to give it a try. The new version is accurate and it's showing that I'm burning a ton of calories in the short 20 min. session I've tried. Working up a sweat too!! So far, I like it. Will see what the results are.

  6. I have friends that love to zumba. My late nights have led me to wanting the Shark, steam cleaner for floors and stuff.

  7. Hi Jaime,

    Hubby and I bought a Wii with the balancing board last summer. One of the programs we bought for the Wii is Zumba, It's tons of fun! I highly recommend it!

    Also at our local Wal-Mart they had "Dance Off: Latin Party Pack", which also is fun to do. We bought that one too.

  8. I do Zumba and love it, but I also do Latin dancing and love that. I disagree with whomever said it wasn't a calorie burner, I really think it depends on the instructor and how intense you make it. (if you're doing it in a gym) It's a hard work out for me, and I work up a good sweat. But I've been doing it for probably almost 3 years now, and I've had some bad instructors who didn't make it hard, and I didn't feel as though it did anything. Now, I don't do it at home, but I think if I did, I wouldn't like it as much. I think getting out and dancing in front of people makes me try harder.

  9. I am sure that Shelly can give you all the help you need when the time comes. "2" more days to go. It is so close now.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  10. I L O V E Zumba! I bought the dvds months ago but then found out I was pregnant with my Gianna so I never got a chance to try them for real until last week. It is so much fun and I feel more energetic and notice that i'm holding myself better. My posture is improving. I'm looking forward to working out and find myself both singing the music and practicing the dance moves even when i'm not exercising. When you have 20 minutes free order it.

  11. I've never tried it, but one of the moms in my Little Flowers Group teaches a kids Zumba class and loves it. It sounds like fun!

  12. Allison--I read that, exactly what you said, that it depends on the instructor. I can see that, also I'm sure what you put into it.

    Bridget--that's what I was wondering, about the DVD's--I like what you said, it makes me excited to get it---maybe for Mother's day?

    Marijanna--I don't want to get together with anyone to dance it--haha--just want to lose this weight!!

    Shelly--I love music that makes you want to dance--does that make sense? I think my girls might want to dance along, since they love to dance!!

    Christine--You go girl!!!

    Sarah--yes, I've read the reviews too, I always do before deciding--which is why I thought I'd post it and get "real" reviews from people I "know"!! Keep up the good work!!!

    Neen--I only watch the exercise infomercials--I'm always wanting to lose weight!

    Maria Therese--Keep it up!!!

    Odie--I've been thinking about you all week, I'm excited for you!!

    Jessica--It does sound like fun!! I'd like the girls to do it with me--I don't think Jedi would even try it! hahah!

  13. Becky--Yes, they drive me crazy, that's why I wanted to know some real reviews from people who have done the DVD's!

  14. One more thing, about Zumba, they say to use good, supportive footwear, so I started out using my New Balance cross trainers. Bad idea. They are meant to give you good traction on every surface, which makes it almost impossible to twist and turn without hurting your knee. If you find that you like Zumba, invest in some dance sneakers (like Capezio). My nieces and nephews who Irish step dance use them to practice in without breaking their mom's floor. They are designed to be supportive AND easy to glide and spin in.

  15. Ha! I bought myself Zumba like 2 years ago... and never even took the plastic off the dvds!!! It looks like sooo much fun though. This time around, I bought Linda Brin's postnatal bootcamp... hopefully I at least get so far as unwrapping the plastic form the dvd...

  16. catching up, here. No I've not heard of Zumba, but my beloved and I did do a sort of kick boxing aerobic dvd for a while, and I was so exhausted!

  17. I know a few people that workout to Zumba. My Mom one of them. But honestly I did not like it. Well at least not the dvd that my friend had. We danced to so many different styles of music and yes, we had fun but not my workout. I love Body Gospel. I lost 7 pounds in 28 days. I'm now doing Insanity again. I sent my sister the Body Gospel program. She has back problems and Body Gospel is a good workout for her. Insanity is more extreme workout, but I like it.

  18. It's just dancing. A few friends and I bought a month pass to classes. Although we liked it, it was next to impossible to actually make the classes (read: we have 22 collective children). I requested the DVDs for Christmas and received them. It's going to be fun!!


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