Friday, March 23, 2012

3 Months Old!

 Wow, I can't believe Simeon is already 3 months old! (yesterday)

 I can't help it, I've been thinking a ton about his upcoming surgery
The date is Friday, May 4th.
He'll be a little over 4 months at that time and hopefully 10 lbs by then
I can't imagine his sweet little face any other way than it is, right now.
He needs it though,
He has a hard time getting his fingers in his mouth, yet he tries...
He can't keep a nukie in, but kind of likes them
It's hard to lay on his tummy for tummy time, because he bangs his lip.
It needs to be done.
(he loves those red and black pictures below)

 Just look at that sweet little tongue in there...
3 months and I swear it still feels like the 
(well, not the first week, that was absolutely crazy)
but, it feels like the 2nd week, 
There's just not much time for anything.
Yesterday, I thought after breakfast, 
"hey, I'm going to hop on the treadmill for a 1/2 hour!"
Then remembered it was time to pump....
It is just a year, 
What's a year out of my life?
Nothing, compared to what I get.
I'm looking awful.
These are the  pants I'm wearing right now and need to change.
I told my husband 
"I know these pants look awful, but not much fits"
he lied responded,
"I think they look sexy."
I love my husband.
(because you can clearly see, they are far from sexy)

Just keeping it real here folks...


  1. the picture of him looking at the pictures on the wall is priceless!!! Too cute!!

  2. Simeon is CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!! Love the tongue.

    Yes, there are definitely times when a dishonest hubby is a treasure. :)

  3. His eyes are the most beautiful blue! How do you not just stare at them all day?

  4. You surely have a keeper Jamie. I frustrate myself the way I add back weight so much quicker that it came off. It is a constant battle and very hard to win at least for me.
    Linda has lost 35 lbs now and is having to have some of her pants taken up. She plans to continue and has been very good about it.
    Don't worry too much about it Jamie because we love you for the Jamie you are and will continue. If you can drop some lbs to make you feel better, great. That is real too Jamie.

  5. Having been post-partum quite a few times myself, I can relate! But here's the thing - for some reason (that I, as a woman, can't possibly understand), husbands in love with their wives just see them as "sexy". It's not dishonest at all! It's just love shining out - he's definitely a "keeper"!

  6. Love the tongue sticking out! Keep up the great mommy work you do. You and yours are often in my prayers.

  7. I think you look great. What a neat little thingy for that sweet little babe to look at. So smart! You are the best mama in the world.

  8. Where has three months gone??? Wow- that happy little sweet pea is really growing! I am still so entranced by his eyes- gorgeous!

    I am already praying for the surgery, and for peace for Mama, too.

    And Jamie, you really do look good. You're a happy, beautiful woman and the weight will come when you are able to get to it. Don't beat yourself up about it- you definitely have your hands full right now!

  9. I don't think the pants look bad...I had to look at the picture again to see if that was my honest reaction. Nope, they look fine to me.

    Nothing fits me either. It's frustrating. I still look 4 months pregnant. Spring is here and the skinny shirts are back.

    I think you look great, and that's the truth! You have such a nice smile.

    And when I saw Simeon, all I could think of was how luminous his skin is. Don't you just love new baby skin? It is so beautiful. Keep us posted on the upcoming surgery, you know you have prayers promised!

  10. Amy--I have a ton of pictures of him looking at those pictures!! It is very cute indeed!

    Felt Family--Yes, my husband is a treasure, that's for sure!! Thank you, I think he's cute cute CUTE too!

    Charlotte--who says I don't? That's one of those great great things about a newborn!!

    Barbara--he is a pumpkin, now we are praying he plumps up like one!! The chubbier the better for surgery! Notice his blanket? love it so much--Thank you again!

    Odie--Linda is doing super!!! AND you are retired, start pumping some iron man!! hahah, just kidding, I think you look great!! But you are right, it's about how we feel.

    LuAnne--Yes, it is mind boggling for me anyway, how this man can even think anything like that!! And, yes, I'll keep him!

    OH, Nicole--Thank you, I think and pray for you all the time too!

    Oh, Christine--you are too nice to me!! I thought of you when I did it, it's something like you would do!

    Shelly--I know!!! Why does 3 months out of the womb fly by, but 3 months in the womb goes suuuuuuper slooooowwww? Thank you for the prayers, I really appreciate it (and need them!) yes, I know about the weight, it's hard to be patient...especially when it warms out and nothing fits!

    Becky--Baloni!!! haha!! Yes, isn't his skin, just milky white soft goodness? I can't stop kissing it, can you--with Henry?

  11. He's sooooooo beautiful! I love his eyes especially against that beautiful blanket.

    And I so feel your pain about the post partum weight. Mine is not budging one iota. I gotta say though you look awesome! I think we notice it way more than anyone else.

  12. Jamie I think of you daily and marvel at the amazing mom you are. You are doing great, no matter what it may feel like to you. The season with a newborn will quickly pass and you will wonder where it has gone. Your husband will always find you cute and sexy because he loves you just that much, even in non-sexy pants. lol. I love that they see us in a whole different light than what we perceive ourselves to be.
    Simeon is just too cute...kiss those sweet cheeks for me!

  13. Jaime,
    Ohh, Simeon is so cute! I love the last picture you posted on here. He has such a big smile and looks so happy. LOVE it! Also, I think you look great! Really it has only been 3 months since you had him. Just make sure to keep that motivation of wanting to work out because then when you finally can you will still want to. :)
    P.S. We will be praying for you and Simeon!
    God Bless!

  14. I believe your husband...when you love someone you always *like* them. I could never say that I wasn't attracted to my hubby no matter his size or attire :) Love is a wonderful thing!!! And on a practical note...I could never lose weight until I stopped breastfeeding, so for you that will be never! Ha! I'm thinking you could easily subtract 20 pounds from your weight and chalk it up to "milk", because man are you BLESSED :) Love that baby boy sticking out his tongue, he's so happy just the way God made him :)

  15. He's gotten so BIG!!! What a handsome boy.

  16. Oh, I got a big smile out of your husband's sweet comment...what a dear. Don't you just love these men that love us? Those colors on Simeon just make his cuteness pop out! We want to pray a Rosary for you on his surgery day...Just put it on my calendar!

  17. Oh dear Jamie. I know how difficult it is to deal with a multiple birth/csection body, oh do I ever; trust me when I say, it is a very, very heavy cross for me. I just said to my husband last night while trying to get ready for church, "I still really don't like this body." He's not lying just like my husband isn't lying when he says I'm sexy; they love us as Christ loves us-unconditionally. The real truth is that our bodies are a living statement of our willingness to sacirifice and give comletly of ourselves for the sake of life! God has entrusted a special mission to us, and by God's grace we have accepted and live this life with peace and joy. He will sustain you. Keep your eyes fixed on the cross; we can be a part of the salvation of so many souls when we join our suffering to His. Your precious Simeon is a testimony of the true value of every human life. Look at the joy he has in his eyes; look at the joy he offers countless people. Praise God for you,your family, and your yes to God and life. You are in my prayers dear mama.

  18. I think you look great, Jamie! And I love seeing pictures of your sweet little boy. He looks like such a little cutie and so happy! I love it!

    We'll be praying for you all!

  19. A good husband is a treasure ... I know I love mine.

    (BTW, do you know why I get an "open to invited readers only" message when I try to visit Christine?)

  20. Michelle--Yes, he's a treasure, and worth more and more every year!!!

    Christine quit blogging. I'm trying to talk her into keeping it up!!!

    Michele--Thank you so much, you are too sweet!! Your baby is a sweet heart too!!

    Meredith--Thank you, I need reminding of that sometimes. I know, I know, but, as you know, it's hard to live it....I know I'm thin on the inside...I know the outside does not reflect the me that I know I am. Wish we lived closer, we could go on walks...

    OH, Tiffany--Thank you so much for your prayers and rosary, we'll need it that day for sure!

    Arly--He is getting big, he's finally almost into size 0-3 mos!! A few outfits from that size fit him, the "newborn" size is officially too small for him finally!

    Colleen--I already answered you in an email....but yes, I have a hard time while breastfeeding too, losing weight...I also believe each breast must weigh 10 lbs, which means I only have 8 more lbs to lose to get back to what I was before this baby...then quite a few after that!!

    Lorie--I always want to work out!! I'm weird, I like working out....
    Thank you so much for your prayers!

    Second Chances--Barbara made that beautiful blanket, I love it!! (from Praying for Grace--I should do a post on the blanket)

    Sarah--Cheeks kissed. I laughed when I read your comment, you are right, non sexy pants or not, we are blessed by loving husbands blinded by the bright blue...I mean blinded by love....

    Did I miss anyone?

  21. What a cutie!! Love that he is sticking out his tongue!! Babies are so sweet and you are so blessed. Don't feel bad about the weight, it will come off when it's time. I wore pregnancy stuff for months after babies. This may or may not be a good thing to say, but I am still trying to get baby wieght off, 2.5 years later. So worth you already know.

    May God continue to grace you & your beautiful famiy!

    We'll be praying for you all on 5/4.

  22. Ok, I'm going to pray at rosary for litte S ((and you)) on may 4 too! i just calendared the date! and I love your hubby's comment. aren't men wonderful!! they seem to know exactly what to say and when to say it! thank goodness for hubbies with a big heart and a lot of love for us! Your 3 month old is a handsome lil guy!

  23. Feel so caught up after a post like this!

    Simeon has entrancing eyes, like yours. They grab your attention with their soulful beauty.

    God bless you all!

  24. I love his smile!! I wish I could snuggle him! He's gonna rock his surgery!!

  25. You are beautiful--and an inspiration to this young mama.

  26. Simeon is too sweet! :)
    My "baby" 19 months old, and yes, I had a terrible miscarriage at 20 weeks with Gianna in November, but I still look terrible. Don't be so hard on yourself. Our husbands mean every word they say, even if we don't see how it's possible (maybe love induced psychosis?). You'll get there. :)


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