Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You're Gonna Miss This

Marijanna shared this with me (after seeing my laundry pile and crying baby)
 and, so, I had to share it with you,
 after crying through the whole thing!

I think the saddest thing for me,
 is that it's easy to listen to this while the kids are in bed and all sleeping,
knowing, I'll forget this tomorrow.

It's so easy to busy ourselves as wives and mamas with all the work we need to do,
that we forget the reason we are doing the work.
It's not to just get it done
It's the LOVE man.
We do it for the LOVE.
The LOVE we have for our families and our God.
The LOVE only we, as women have.

Making a note to give the kids an extra hug and kiss tomorrow
with a good look in the eyes and a "You're a great kid and I love you!"

(Side note:  Last time I said to my 5 year old, "Do you know how much I love you?" She laughed
and said, "Of course I do, you tell me all the time!"  Yay!!  I hope they always feel it.)


  1. Awwww- really sniffling here. Great, great reminder. Thank you for passing it on to us!

  2. I cry every.single.time. I hear that song! Thanks for posting it and for your sweet comments that accompany it! I've read two awesome posts today by bloggers about motherhood!!!

    Hope all is going well!

  3. Oh I love that song! And need to remind myself of this often. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. That song gets me every time!

  5. Your kiddos are so very blessed to have parents like you and your hubby that love them unconditionally. You can see the contentment in their beautiful faces that always makes me smile.
    And yes we do miss having them around to do for after they grow up and move on with their lives but the important thing is that they carry with them the love that never ends and they know it is true.
    You are doing an awesome job Jamie.

  6. Amen Sister! I was looking at my once sparkly clean mirrors lately and smiled that they are streaked with little fingerprints. Someday I'm sure I'll wish them back. And all the little clothes to fold... someday they'll only have "BIG" clothes and they won't be at home, so the clothes littering the floor are signs of blessings.

    As are the dirty dishes that are a sign of plenty of food and happy mouths to feed.

    I know it doesn't always feel like it and your right, it's easy to remember when they're not here, but we're truly blessed all the same.

    Sending prayers your way Jamie Jo!

  7. Such a pretty song and a great post too. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. OK...it is almost 3pm and I need to get the kids and my mascara is all a mess. My nose is running. I just watched the video and I am crying my eyeballs out.

    Zach...(my first born) passed his driving test today. Jonah is 14 today. I am grabbing onto everyday cherishing it with my family. I will miss it.

    I love being a mama and wife more then anything.

    Thank you for posting this and ...and...making me CRY!!! waaaaaaa

  9. I just heard this song today on the way to the store, and then later read your post. Great song, and so true. I have to remember that song next time the kids track in the mud all over the carpet.

  10. Love this song. I don't think I've heard it before.

  11. Oh yes, that song gets me crying and reminded every time! oops, my laundry room looks like that and I don't even have a newborn;-D Thanks for the encouragement today!

  12. The side note was the best part, I think, (no offense to Mr. Adkins), because it pretty much melted my heart. "You tell me all the time, Momma!" I believe it, Jamie. You have a heart that is BRIMMING with love.

    Happy feasts! It's supposed to be gorgeous all weekend.

  13. You've inspired me to post a poem I wrote a few years ago when I was thinking about how I would feel once my children grew older and didn't "need" or "want" me anymore. So often we (I?) hope to speed up the days of diapers and laundry piles in order to welcome instead peace and quiet and me-time. But when that time actually comes...


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