Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Awards! (My Thoughts on Them)

No, it's not the Academy Awards, or any of those Red Carpet Award shows, you know the ones where no one really cares who wins what, but they do care what everyone is wearing? I admit, I like to watch the "after shows" to see the best and worst dressed.

It makes me curious as to what their lives are really like. Why this is important. Is it important? Is it just a party? Do some of them try to get on the "worst dressed list" ? Do they have to go because they are promoting a current movie? Why do they get all this "free" stuff when they are so stinkin' rich already? (OK, I know the answer already to that one, but it still bugs me)

It makes me think about my own life and be so very thankful that my life is not theirs. That I have my simple life here and don't have to worry about all that they seem to need to worry about, or not worry about.

I wonder, do they think about God? What do they think? I think about how liberal the majority of them are (only excluding a handful). And how much they push their own agenda for condoms, abortion, Obama and being "green".

I wonder why Angelina Jolie, who I think has a huge heart for some wonderful causes and tries to do what is right and uses her money to help a lot of people, can be so messed up? She shows mercy towards other countries yet, has no mercy for her father. I wonder, how did she lose the weight?

How do they all stay so thin?

Award time brings all these and many other thoughts to my head.

I think the award shows make it clear how SIN is made to look glamorous and beautiful in the world's view.

OK, this got way out of hand...these awards pictured on my post today have nothing to do with SIN or anything bad at all. The first award on the top is called the "Marie Antoinette Award" and is given to bloggers from other bloggers for being "real" or for "bloggers who are real in who they are". This was given to me from Tracy at Pinewood Castle. Thank you Tracy!

This award "The Octamom Award" is well deserved. It is for the blogging mother who has multiple children and is too busy to even post awards given to her and comes with the command to eat a few pieces of chocolate with each step to finally post it! Thank you Jessica!
Now, I must give my opinion of "blog awards" in keeping it "real" in order to deserve the top award. (which is an oxy moron in itself)
I do not like them.
I think we are all real and that is why we blog. At least the blogs I read are all real in what they blog and post. That's why I read them.
I think they make some people feel bad, that "Oh, is my name on the list of 7 picked by this blogger?" feeling. When people are not picked, it can make them feel inferior or less than popular. We all know who the popular blogs are and why we read them.
I feel that if I pick 7 people, 7 of my favorite (I have more than 7 favorites) then many will be left out. (although pretty much everyone has received these awards by now, which shows they mean nothing)
Maybe I was picked to be last for Volleyball too many times in high school! (I was bad, very bad)
Now I hope I have not stepped on anyone's blogging toes, I'm sorry if I have. I just have to say how I feel. I just think it makes our good little blog world a little sticky, if you know what I mean.


  1. glad you'r e keepin' it real! =)
    i know it was so hard for me to pass the octamom award on for that very reason-not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings-because we are all pretty great=) so i guess the only good thing that could come out of this is for you to pass on some of the goodness you have rec'd and hope that those whom you pass it on to will do the same. or else you could do what kimberly @ catholic family vignettes did...what a great idea she had!....

  2. Thank you - for the most part - I agree! I agree about the awards in blogworld. I have a slightly different view on the actors awards ceremonies. (By the way, the hosts on TV guide did a very terrible job interviewing!)

    I don't know why some blogs get rewards over others. I too think there are many great blogs out there. And I cannot figure out for the life of me what mine is missing. Oh well.

    On another note - hope you all had a good time yesterday.

  3. Regan, thanks for letting me know about Kimberly, she seems very, very nice. Another blogger I've only read once in a while, there are so many many wonderful women out there, she's right.

    I don't want to pass them on because I think they are dumb. And what's the point of an award? To praise something worthy of praise in someone's mind. I think better than that, personal praise and encouragement is what's needed and maybe the "award system" is one way of doing that.

    Melissa- I don't watch the interviews, I just look at the dresses!!
    I don't think your blog is missing anything. I don't think my blog has something. I just think in the blog world, it is give and take. If we visit blogs and leave comments in an effort to "get to know" someone, they make the effort back and if those 2 people "click" they correspond. I think it is a matter of personalities picking what they like. I think many people like daily bloggers...which I don't do.

    My best advice, just be yourself, be real, like you are.

    Yesterday? only the boys ventured out in the cold!! :)

  4. Jamie, I'm with you 100% on blog awards. I don't get any, but I don't care. I'm not writing for awards. I'm writing for me. I read MANY blogs, and RARELY comment. I love Melissa's blog along with yours. But I love you two pregnant ladies more than I love your blogs!

  5. How strange that you said that about blog award just when a couple of other blogs I read have said the same thing. Must be going around! It does seem a little frivolous elitist like you said.
    I'll keep reading your blog even if you don't get any awards-lol. Lots of love, Nerm

  6. Yes, trying to pass them on can be so dern annoying! I haven't been given one in a long while and I don't really care. It's such a pain in the butt and having to post them on the sidebar etc. I think I have two on my sidebar that I have seriously considered dropping - I'll probaby do so when I make my post today on the second talk by Father Jude.

    God bless your honesty!

  7. I totally agree with you Jamie. Great post. I might accept it and say thanks, but I will not post it on my blog.

    You should get an AWARD for this post...hee hee

  8. Back when I was a public blogger I never liked the awards either! I'm glad someone actually had the courage to post that...your are good at that! ;)

    I just typed a long comment about my feelings toward it and then deleted it because it got too long-winded. (Gee, why does that always happen?!)

    You rock.

  9. I am just reading this Jamie, and agree with many of your points. I always wait forever to pass them on, since I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, and then I rotate who I give them to, ultimately hurting someone's feelings anyways...

    The one benefit that I found in the past, that has kept me posting them, has been the ability to share links and promote others blogs with friends that may not know about them. But then, it is so easy to do that we the Shared posts box anyways.

    Thanks for this post, and your take on the awards.


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