Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More Snow Coming Today!

Although, only a "freezing mix" is expected, I think we have enough now.
Our mailbox can't take much more! JMJ- you are all welcome to come visit and slide down our snow hill and then head on over to Christine's for some pond fun!


  1. We've had so much snow where I live this year, but we had a thaw, so it is just yucky around here. I want fresh snow!!!

  2. It's wet here, but cold. Probably not as cold there, but I am cold up here in my room at the PC desk next to a thin glass window. Ugh. Still. I'd bundle and go play in that snow you have!

  3. I honestly don't think I've seen this much snow since I was a kid. My brothers & I build huge snow tunnels and forts. We stayed outside for hours. It's just too cold for that the last few weeks. If it would get in the teens, I know the kids would have a blast in the piles of snow.

    We are supposed to get more snow by the end of the week, too! An additional positive of living in the country is that you don't have to worry as much about where to PUT the snow.

  4. You're really going to have to shovel that out if you want to keep receiving mail in January and February! LOL! Ours is about as bad!

  5. That is a ton of snow. Seems like you have more then we do!

    I am anxious for it to melt a little so we can build snowmen!

  6. I can't believe your snow! All we want here in Tenn is a couple of inches, but we've had nothing but rain for several days with flash flooding. Gray & dreary. Can I come play with you in your snow?

  7. You've gotten way more snow than we have down here, but not as much as my parents in North Dakota. I love the snow, especially when it's falling! But then, I don't have to shovel it.

  8. wow......is all this california girl can say. wow......we have to drive an hour to reach any snow, but even the snow up at my parents house is nothing compared to that!


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