Friday, January 23, 2009

My Book Club Books

For those of you who asked, the above book is the book we are doing right now, with one chapter left, the book below is our next book. Courageous Love is a actual study book with homework, bible verses to look up and thoughts to write down.
Holiness for Housewives is not a book study book, so we will just read the chapter for the particular week and each come up with a question to discuss. We meet 2x/month at my home and we read the coming Sunday's gospel and discuss a resolution for the next 2 weeks. We really have wonderful group of women. Melissa and Christine are in the group. One woman, Susan, read my blog the day I posted about being sick and she, being a mother of 9 children, cooked a meal for me (and 2 others!!) Now, how sweet is that? I think of the sacrifice she made that day, so I'd be relieved from the nausea for a evening, well, it just amazes me. She really is a treasure, as are all the ladies in the group!

The group started many years ago going through "Familia" and then turned into "Together" and now we are a Catholic Women's Book Study Group.

"Courageous Love" is a good book study book, but to tell you the truth, I really just mostly enjoy the conversations that stem from the book, not necessarily the book. Does that make sense? We women can talk.


  1. I agree with you. I like the conversations just as much as the books. I have learned from them and also the other gals have great answers.

    Thanks for letting me come into your book club!

  2. We have a study in our chapel, we meet during CCD - it is more about the chatting for me - as a former Protestant, though, what I have learned from all my years of studying the Bible (okay, not in its entire self at the time) and Hebraic texts etc., I can lend more to it . . . but I try and let others do the work . . . I can take over, you know? So, some times I just sit there and interject a little - if I don't say anything they'll think I'm ill! :-) But, yeah, it's for the company!

  3. Are you in Regnum Christi? I used to's just interesting because you said Familia and I know they're an apostolate started by RC members. I read both of those books years ago. Fantastic. I hope you get some wonderful discussions out of them. And how sweet on the meal you got! God is so good. :-)

  4. book club, eh? i was in a book club once, didn't last though. and i do miss it. i loved the discussions that came about.
    and i love that holiness for housewives book.....tons of help and encouragement in those pages.

  5. I do enjoy being a part of this book club. I've missed a few meetings due to morning sickness. But each meeting is a new discussion that I can jump right back into. It's wonderful to be surrounded by like-minded women. It's encouraging and the books are very thought provoking. Thanks Jamie for hosting it!

    I got one of those meals and we felt so priveledged that we were FINALLY part of a group who "cares enough to send the very best" when we are not at our best. Jamie was the first to bring me a meal when I was bummin'. Never had that before, except from my mom & MIL.

    **If you ever thought of making a meal/treat for someone - just do it. It brings such JOY to the reciever.

  6. We used Holiness for Housewifes as a discussion book at CCM (Confraternity of Christian Mothers). It is excellent and you will all enjoy it and the discussions it starts.

    I own Courageous Love, but haven't read or used it for a study group (Yet!).


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