Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm Hooked!! It All Starts Tonight, The Beginning of The End!

LOST! (click on it to see the previews and any past episodes you missed!)
The last season begins tonight!! I'm excited for some answers to finally to come. I hate being "hooked" and having to watch something, but it's winter, not much else to do, right?
I just wish every episode was on the same time every week!! Last year, I ended up watching most of them on the computer a few days afterward, it's great, no commercials!!
I guess the filming is done in Hawaii. It does make Hawaii look good, especially this time of year!! Are you "hooked"?


  1. Yes, my hubby & I are hooked! In fact, I wrote the date on my calendar. I checked out the website about a week ago and the trailers are very interesting.

  2. Sorry Jamie, but nope. Is it really good?

    I want to rent some good movies soon. I love a good movie with my hubby!

  3. Yes, they would end the bloody filming of that show before I move there and sneak my big arse in there to be a part of the cast!!! Geeesh! Yes, I heard they film on Oahu.

    I can't watch - my hub owns the telly. I'll do it on the PC later when I can watch them all back to back.

  4. Lucky me, it was cub scout night so I was well into the first hour before my man got home . . . I can't wait until next week!!!

  5. I've never been able to watch this ritually, and couldn't keep up with the story line. But last night I turned it on anyways. Missed the first section where they explained everything - so I was upset. But I watched the following 2 hours in complete suspense. Time travel!?

    Didn't see that one coming. My dad would get a kick out of this - he's all Mr. Sci-fi. It rubbed off on me too. This might be one show I wouldn't mind watching regularily. I am usually the person who likes a good 30min-2hr movie/show that has an ending when its done.

  6. I really liked the 1 hour explaining show, I think this would help all those who'd like to start watching it. Next week will be great!

    I suspected the time travel thing last year...with moving the island and Ben waking up somewhere in the desert. Pretty far fetched.

    They sure have some beautiful stars though in this show!

  7. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! I am so excited you and Sarah like this show too. I jokingly remind my family that on this night and at this time...I don't know you!

    It is my time with LOST!

    There are some great recaps on youtube, BTW. Yeah, we can compare notes each week!

  8. JMJ-I do the same thing with my family, I'm busy Wed night, I'm closing my bedroom door and not available, since it is on before bedtime!! Sometimes it works!


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