Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Great New Cooking Blog

Now see, spring and summer are coming! I like to look over summer pictures on these cold days to remind me of good times in the warm sun.
I have a good friend, Suzie, who started a cooking blog, named Domestic Family Dining. Please check her blog out, she has great ideas!
I am happy to say she is a real life friend who does not live in my state, but was introduced to me by my good friend Sarah and we quick became friends. She is elegant, sweet, pretty, sincere and very easy going and easy to talk to. She's a good cook too!


  1. are those your flowers?
    so pretty, and that butterfly too!

  2. Yes, I love taking pictures of my flowers!!!

    It will be warm again soon, like 4-5 months!!

  3. Gotta love the flower pics while I am freezing. I am looking forward to this weekend for some outside fun.

    Pretty butterfly!

  4. I posted a comment, then promptly lost it. *sigh* Thanks for the info...I love cooking blogs. :-)

  5. I am already enjoying this blog - just very slow at adding to my blogroll!!

  6. Thank you, Jamie, for the link. I LOVE the pictures of flowers. They immediately change ones mood.


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