Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jesus Calms The Storm

The Calming of a Storm at Sea. One day he got into a boat with his disciples and said to them, "Let us cross to the other side of the lake." So they set sail, and while they were sailing he fell asleep. A squall blew over the lake, and they were taking in water and were in danger. They came and woke him saying, "Master, master, we are perishing!" He awakened, rebuked the wind and the waves, and they subsided and there was a calm. Then he asked "Where is your faith?" But they were filled with awe and amazed and said to one another, "who then is this, who commands even the winds and the sea, and they obey him?" Luke 8:22-25
I was at a wonderful Catholic Women's Conference on Saturday and surrounded by wonderful Catholic women and great speakers! (Dr Janet Smith was the main speaker and she was wonderful!) A local, young priest was one of the speakers too and he gave a wonderful Homily. I have never heard the Calming of the Storm explained the way he explained it. He talked about our lives and how busy they are, with activities and stresses and that is like the storm. God is always there. Although, He might seem to be sleeping to us sometimes, He is always there. In the boat, He was able to sleep, He was God afterall. All it took was one word from Him and it all stopped. All the troubles, fears, anxieties, stresses. He is there still, and He is in control, no matter how bad this storm gets (life) He is there waiting for us to "wake him" (pray) and ask Him to help us.
Look at the 2 pictures closely, they are beautiful and well worth contemplating.
Blessings to you all!


  1. that line, "who is this...." gives me the CHILLS.
    so glad you were retreating so you could "feed" us with your wisdom gained.

  2. Yes, Regan, doesn't that line remind you of us, all of us, not seeing Jesus, not knowing Him, forgetting He is in control all the time?

  3. Can I just say I just LOVE coming over here and reading your blog? Every time I come over here I learn something new about our beautiful Catholic faith! Thank you Jaime!

    How's your pregnancy going? How are you doing cutting down on the Diet Coke? I'm a Pepsi lady myself and managed to quit for awhile, but now I'm drinking it again (I think when I feel stressed I reach for a Pepsi! I know, I know...not good if you are trying and hoping to be able to conceive someday.

    I started a new 54 day rosary novena a week ago and you, your friends Melissa, Jen, and all mothers to be that I know offline and on are included in it. I am praying you all have good and easy pregnancies, safe and holy births, healthy babies, and everything will go well.

    Jaime, I have a question for you. I know you worked at a daycare and even ran one in your home. I was wondering, what curriculum did you use and recommend? I love coming over here and seeing all your wonderful ideas! Also, did you follow a certain theme every month? Do you have any samples you could share??

    Okay, my first dream is to someday be a full time Catholic wife and homeschooling Mommy, if that is God's will for me. But if we are not blessed with children (I've had three womb blessings so far with no luck!) than husband and I would love to run our own Catholic daycare. The really sad thing is that when I was single (before I even met my husband) I bought all these wonderful Catholic books on babies (the Sears books), Catholic books for children, many Catholic curriculum books. I spent a mint on books thinking for sure I'd someday be blessed with children. Pretty sad, I know but hey, it's okay. I'm learning to accept God's will and I don't feel as sad as I have in the past. Praying the rosary is really helping me. Still though, boy would I love to be blessed with a child either naturally or through adoption. We will see.....

    Someday, if you don't mind and if it's not too personal, I would love to hear more about your conversion story, your travels to Medugorje, ect. In the meantime I am praying for you and your unborn baby!

    May God Bless you and your lovely family.

    Do you have any more of those Our Lady of Sorrows cards?

    Maria :)

  4. For Jaime, Jen, Melissa, and all Mom's to be.


    I found this beautiful prayer on another Catholic Mom's blog and thought of you today.


    It is from The Precious Blood & Mother manual pg: 150

    Prayer for a Safe Delivery

    Saint Elizabeth, through the great blessings you received from God at the birth of your son, Saint John, I beseech you to obtain for__(me)___ the grace of deeply understanding with joyful wonder the privilege of motherhood and of living each day in happy anticipation.

    I ask this grace through the Precious Blood of Jesus, God’s Gift of Love to us.

    Saint Anne, obtain for__(me)___ through your own blessed child, Mary ever Virgin, the grace that no accident may befall her (me) and that she (I) may deliver her (my) child safe and sound into the world.

    I ask this grace through the Precious Blood of Jesus, God’s Gift of Love to us.

    Mary, my Mother, I pray you to intercede before your Divine Son, Jesus, and obtain for__(me)___ the help and blessings of God so that she (I) may patiently endure with joyful expectation the pains of delivery and that her (my) child may receive the grace of Baptism.

    I ask this grace through the Precious Blood of Jesus, God’s Gift of Love to us.


  5. I love this post comparing the storm on the sea to our daily storms. I'll remember that-it's reassuring. I agree with Maria Therese that I always learn something from your blog. I appreciate you! Nerm


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