Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Few Things on My Mind

Sweetie Pie will be 6 months on Wednesday!
I can't believe how fast this time has gone.
What a blessing for us she's been!
I think since she's been born, the most overwhelming thing for me has been laundry.
Not that she makes that much extra laundry (only one extra load) but it's the time to do the laundry for 7 people. It's hard to just keep up.
Sweet baby Ava. We got to see her this past Tuesday and she's beautiful...

as is her mama!

More things on my mind:

Mardi Gras? We never celebrated it as a kid, I just don't celebrate it I guess. I think I really don't get it. SO no Mardi Gras celebration pictures here to show.

I am amazed at other women's Daybook postings. They amaze me. Especially the dinner plans. Your meals all sound so wonderful. Not like our simple ones:
Stir Fry
Chicken, baked potatoes
Pretty boring, huh? That's why I don't do that Daybook thing....
I think of a bunch of sides and decide that day on those. Maybe I should work on making my meals a little more special?
I miss reading my daily reads (blogs) it's made me realize how blessed we are to live in a time where us stay at home moms can really connect with other moms and not feel so lonely. It's been kind of lonely this past week. It's been really lonely this past week, even though we've done things and kept busy. I am so very thankful for this network of wonderful women to keep in touch with every day!
I'm off for another week, see you next Sunday!
Have a blessed week!


  1. Jaime, thinking of you and praying for you and your family!

    Much love and hugs to you!


  2. About the laundry...I've been reading books about larger families to help me cope with our little number 5, homeschooling, etc. One thing that has helped me in the past few months is that my oldest (age 10 son) and 8 year old daughter do all the laundry from start to finish for all the kids except baby. All I do is laundry for me, my husband and the baby. I don't have the kids sort. They throw it all in together and wash on cold. They treat their own stains. I wrote out instructions for them to follow on a card. It has been a huge blessing. 4 and 6 y.o. girls do fold their own laundry. I highly recommend the book the Sane Woman's Guide to Raising a Large Family. :)

  3. I am thinking about all of the laundry I need to do tomorrow...sigh...I miss you too! Praying for you this Lent!

  4. Glad to hear your voice, Jamie!

    Amy- that's a great idea about the laundry. I always forget how capable my children are. My seven-year-old vacuumed the house yesterday. And although there was plenty of goofing off with her brothers during the chore, it got done and I thought, "That actually helped!" :)

  5. Time sure flies with a baby in the house. (And, it also seems to stand still at times!) You've got one beautiful cutie pie in your house.

    Before having our fourth son this past October, I was already training the older boys to do laundry. When we move into our new house, we'll have front loading machines. No more excuses about who can reach into the washing machine now!

  6. Jamie, I miss you during the week, too. I thought about giving up computer time & things regarding blogging, but when the few bloggers I read are sacrificing different aspects of blogging, it really cuts what I read & am able to comment upon!

    I can relate to the lonely's ... makes one think about the days before phones & how isolated women were back in the day - especially on the prairie in winter.

    My oldest has done his laundry for some time, too. DD has been very close to having to do her own, too. She's had her last warning about clean clothes in the hamper & clothes on the floor.

  7. Miss you!
    I have the big kids (10 and 8) bring down the basket in the morning, then they switch each day as to who's turn it is to pretreat and wash on cold then dry.
    After the laundry's been washed and dried, they both bring up the basket, dump it on the bed and sort, fold and put away. Eva (4) sorts and I help her fold and put away. Sophia just gigles and throws the clothes off the bed onto the floor! :)
    The matching of the socks is the worst chore, and I often find them under the bed after sorting!

  8. HELLO!!! I agree with this blogging being a fun thing for us SAHM's. It is nice to keep in touch.

    My kiddos finally have a good chore chart and every little bit helps.

    I like to fold laundry and the kids put their clothes away.

    With the cooking and food...if I had a millin dollars I would hire a cook in a second.

    We actually have been grilling out!

  9. Happy 6mos to Sweetie Pie...she is a cutie.

    YIKES...who is that white face woman with that new baby....someone quick grab some bronzer and add color!!!!

    I am loving this baby. I do not want her to get big at all!


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