Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I always look so forward to Lent each year. Although it is a time of sacrifice, I yearn for it. I think my soul yearns for it. I imagine it is kind of like the Holy Souls yearning for Heaven.
(kind of) Yearning for holiness.
I will start my Lent out by watching The Passion of the Christ. Truly every time I watch it, I get something new. It puts me right into that mode of why we sacrifice. For Him who makes all things new.
I yearn for the cleansing. The quiet in my soul. Here is our sacrifice jar. (this is last years picture) we will fill it up and I'm not stingy, if they say it's a sacrifice or if they do something extra nice, they get to put a bean in. If it's a big thing, they get to put more beans in. Then on Easter Sunday it will be filled with bright jelly beans!

Every year I want to give up everything. Diet Coke, TV, computer time, and I want to do everything. Read the bible more, exercise every day, get up early and go to bed early, pray the rosary every day, no matter what. Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy every day, go to Adoration more, go to daily Mass more, go to the Stations of the Cross.
I want to be perfect.
Realistically, though, I am not perfect. I cannot do it all.
I've decided to give up blog reading. It is the reading of blogs that takes time. Leaving comments almost everywhere I go. I have this thing with Google Reader, where every time I check, I can't stand leaving any "unread". Well...it takes time to read.
It's that time I want. I want it to pray more. I want that time to be more present to my children and to my duties in my vocation as a wife and mother.
I will still post once in a while, like craft ideas...I can't keep those to myself and need to share!
I will not be reading though and I will not be commenting.
I will be checking in on Sundays, as we do the Sunday thing where you can have what you give up, but it will be short and quick.
Have a blessed Lent everyone!
Remember to wash those feet with your children on Holy Thursday!
(this is last year's picture)
I am in no way saying other people should give up reading blogs....this is something I feel called to do at this time. I just wanted to let people know so you don't worry....I'm not breaking my leg again this year!!! (I hope)


  1. I'll miss you during Lent, but completely understand. Blessings on your Lenten season!!

  2. Have a great Lent. We, too, like to start Lent watching Passion of the Christ.
    I gave up blogging last year for Lent, and it turned out to be much for of a sacrifice for my mother-in-law to not have daily updates and photos of the kids. :) So, I promised I wouldn't put her through that again this year. :)

    You will enjoy the extra time, though.

    Great job on the Valentine party.

  3. Thanks for coming to see me with all your kiddos. I am a lucky lady to have you for a friend. I am also lucky you are close by so I will be able to talk to you if you stop blogging for Lent. I just spent 10 mins of my sleep time to catch up on your blog. Thanks getting the news out for me and all the prayers. I am blessed.

    WOW...your party looks like it was fun and crazy. That is a lot of kiddos!

    THANK YOU especially for my diet coke and chocolate. I thought of you the whole time I slurped and ate. I am so blessed to have you for a friend.

  4. may it be a spiritually fruitful time for you, dear one.

  5. haver a blessed Lent. I awarded you a blog award at my blog. but that's ok if you are staying away for a while b/c of Lent and don'ty acknowledge it. http://lovemylittleflower.blogspot.com/2010/02/im-beautiful-blogger.html

  6. This is a beautiful post... I feel the same way, I just want to give up everything! I get tired, and I NEED Lent... so I try to make the best of it :). May you have a blessed Lent!


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