Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A New Rule at Our House

Tonight during supper, let's say a certain older male person in our home farted. Well, that got the girls started. They started making fart sounds like crazy. (yes the girls, Jedi, not sure he's ever farted) I at first said, "no farting at the table, it's rude" "Daddy, what do you say?" He of course said "excuse me" but, the girls kept up, and spit was flying everywhere, they were giggling like crazy and I was not. Until I finally said "OK, ONLY REAL FARTS AT THE TABLE!" I couldn't even get the sentence out without completely cracking up! We had to clarify only at home and only when no one was visiting.

What have I gotten myself into?


  1. Legalised farting. Now there's a concept ...

  2. You shouls only know what goes on around here in the farting category. Drew farts on his brothers, as does Michael. Sigh...going to be hard to teach Alex differently...

  3. Sounds like a funny time.

    You should see our meal times. Crazy. I want to tape it sometimes. NO farting just so much talking.


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