Friday, April 25, 2008

I Know God Wants Me to Organize My Time!

I've started reading this book and so far, I love it. I haven't gotten very far yet, but just past the part where it explains that God DOES want us to be orderly, to have a schedule. I get that, I believe that. I have a hard time doing it though, on my own. In the book though, they do say it is not going to be easy getting up early, but that it will be worth it. It is written for homeschoolers, but so far, what I've read, could be applied to any state in life. We all could use a schedule. (does that help Nerm?)

I am also reading My Spirit Rejoices the diary of Elisabeth Leseur. Wow, I love this book!!! She is right up there with St Josemaria Escriva, St Francis De Sales and Bishop Sheen. Last night hers is the book I brought with me for inspiration, I guess. (to the chapel) This is the quote that stuck out for me:

"To Bring organization of one's life a strict method, and to deviate from one's rule, once it is established, only for serious reasons of family or charity. To do as well as possible whatever one is doing, not abandoning it for something else without a real need." -Elisabeth Leseur

Now, was that meant for me or what? "To do as well as possible..." Wow! Without a schedule to follow, am I doing as well as possible? Probably not.

We are almost done for the school year. So, I can see how we will need a summer schedule and a school year schedule. Which by the the summer, we love to be outside and not inside on the computer, my blogging might have to slow down a bit. With snow in our MN forecast tonight, (4 inches by morning) not sure I should be worrying about summer yet!

Today we went to noon Mass at our Cathedral in town after music class. It was wonderful and Jedi is planning on counting all his Communions, 1st Communion, 2nd Communion....The priest who usually says the noon Mass, is retired Fr Patrick Riley. He loves children and blesses them and always comments about how he loves their noises...we have lots of that! I thought he was around 70, turns out today is his birthday and he is 90!!! He is very active and think about that, he's probably been a priest for over 60 years!! Amazing! He always gives information on the saint of the day and today was of course, St Mark. We sang the blessing song over him and happy birthday and yes, I cried...I'm such a tearjerker. (thank you Lisa for helping me with the littles, you are the greatest!)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, God bless you all!


  1. I was emotional also today. When the 6th graders prepared the alter for mass bringing up the candles, then the cloth and draped it over, then the gifts...I got all teary eyed.

    I love our faith.

    That organizer looks awesome. I probably could use that also. This summer though is going to be fun...just parks, biking, library, garden time and lots and lots of swimming! I agree with you. Maybe not so much blogging. It does take up a lot of time. I have enjoyed talking to you and all the other blogging gals!

    Do you think the homeschooling gals judge me because I don't homeschool? I just was wondering.

  2. What a great quote!! Thank you for all you share with us! You always inspire me!

    The hardest thing for me in actually making a schedule has been how so many days are different from each other. I try to make a basic schedule, but then I think "Well.. this day we go to town in the afternoon. This day we go to town in the morning. Then there is the weekend. Then the days we are home all day." I feel like I need a different schedule for each day! I guess I should just start with a schedule for the days we are home and then go from there.

    That is so precious about your son counting his Communions.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend too, Jamie!! God Bless!

  3. No, Christine, no one judges you! not everyone is called to homeschool. Have you prayed about it? Pray about it, see what God wants of you, then you will know whether you are called or not. Be happy with the answer and don't worry about what others think, you are a wonderful, beautiful woman of faith, that is what we ALL see.

  4. Great qoute! I get up at 5 every morning (however right now it is 4 and I've been up for an hour) and I love it! I have almost an hour to myself for prayer, coffee-making, shower-taking, and blog reading. That's why I almost always post before you!!! I'll be in YOUR town on Monday...wanna get together? And tell Christine I don't think anyone judges her for not homeschooling! Oh, I'll go tell her on her blog!


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