Friday, April 11, 2008

If you have questions about the Catholic faith or have been gone a long time, come on home. You are just a confession away from home. Check out this wonderful site!
Click on the 3 videos on the bottom of their home page, they are wonderful!


  1. Wow. You are STILL having winter there in Minnesota! I am hoping some spring weather comes your way soon.
    Great link to this site. 'Home' is such a good image to try to bring back lapsed Catholics (or bring in new ones.

  2. We have a snow day! A friend from school said it was all her fault. With 5 children she was so happy to finally put all their snow clothes away. Well never do that until May in Minnesota!

    I love that site also. I put it on my side bar. It seems like they do a really good job with info. I think that is the biggest roadblock for people is that they just dont know and dont understand the Catholic faith.

    Your baby has grown. She is such a sweet-pea.

    Thank you for your prayers.


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