Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Was Wrong!

I thought getting a "cutting" book would prevent the cutting of other non-paper things
Guess not! Poor Bert! New haircut and surgery on his ear done by Dr Mary.
Other than being wrong, it really is a fun little book for her!


  1. You know, Jamie, that giving them a pair of scissors just warms 'em up and gives them the burn to keep on cutting! This same thing happened to me several times. ha
    Luv, Nerm

  2. Funny! (For us, anyway!)

    Glad you finally had some warm weather. It was funny to see your snow pictures in one post to seeing the kids playing outside in short sleeves in the next. I hope the warm weather is there to stay.

  3. At least it was Bert's hair!

  4. I still like looking at this blog. My grandpa names was Bert and there was always a Bert doll at his house. Everyone called him Bunny though.

    Everytime I look at a Bert doll I think of my grandpa.

    Funny kids.

  5. Yes, Suzie, Bets hair is much better than the alternative!

  6. OOps, I mean BERT's hair is better than the alternative!


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