Sunday, April 13, 2008

My First Meme!

I was tagged by Amy and this looked fun. Here goes:


  1. Go somewhere tropical....
  2. Take a long nap. (somewhere tropical maybe?)
  3. Go visit my Grandma in California.
  4. Cut my hair really short like a boys, someday...when I'm thin.
  5. Grow my nails long again and take care of them, which would mean I could not clean or do much around here...
  6. Meet my blog friends in real life!! And sit and visit all day!
  7. Have twins.
  8. Plant flowers!
  9. Plant my garden!
  10. Have a picnic and lie in the grass and read books and play with the kids all day outside in warm weather. (somewhere tropical maybe?)

OK, now I tag Christine and Nerm. I think everyone else has already been tagged, if not, you're it!


  1. you were wrong...having twins now is a crazy urge ;)

  2. Regina's comment is funny. I was just going to chime in that I would highly recommend #7. :)

  3. My first tag. Sadly I have only one urge right now and that is chocolate. Milk chocolate!

    I will try my best!

    I think twins are so cool. My cousin, Andrea, has twin boys and they are such sweetums.

  4. I said I have the urge to have them, but that is entirely up to God, could you imagine, a 38 year old diabetic, high risk, 5th c-section, pregnant with twins, patient? Pretty sure the doctors would have a hard time with that one!

    It would be fun though (and busy too I know)

  5. Yes. Twins are WORK!!! I have twin sisters that were born when I was 14. I remember thinking to myself, "Why on EARTH did we pray for mom to have twins!!" That first couple years is SUPER hard!! (And I wasn't even the mother!) Twins is something I have never since had the urge to have! :)

    I would LOVE to meet my blog friends in real life too! Wouldn't that be so much fun!

    Heading somewhere warm and tropical would be nice too!

    I enjoyed reading your list! :)


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