Friday, March 14, 2008

Emergency Prayer Request!

For a woman named Katie. She is pregnant with her 2nd child. She is about to abort her baby. My good friend T's sister in law, is friends with Katie. Her sister in law asked T to talk to her this weekend, and this Katie is willing to talk to my friend T. Her first baby was born and shortly after died, the reason is unclear, except many birth defects, webbed feet and hands. Her first baby was a boy. Now she is pregnant with another baby, with the same birth defects, but this time she's a girl. She is around 22 weeks along. Not much else known, except she wants to end the pregnancy and have a funeral, and I guess her state of mind is to get it done sooner and not to prolong it. She is not looking at it as an abortion. Any prayers for her would be much appreciated, this baby's life depends on it. Prayers for T that the Holy Spirit guides her and gives her the right words for this woman. Our Lord is asking her to be a vessel carrying these little Saints.

Lord have mercy on Katie. Guide her, lead her. Pour Your graces upon her. Help her to see the gift she has. Help her to see the good in this hard, hard situation.

Thank you all for any prayers for T and Katie.
I hope to get an update as soon as T meets her.


  1. My prayers will be for her tonight and any sacrifices tomorrow. This poor baby has a right to die a natural and holy death. Like we all do. Such a sad sad story. So many many sad stories out there. So many sad hearts. We need to pray and love.

  2. I will pray for all- for the woman, the baby, and that the right words will be found.


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