Thursday, March 20, 2008

Petition Thursday

This week, I am going to try something different. Instead of "Thankful Thursday" I am going to try "Petition Thursday". I am very thankful for so many things, but I find them boring to read myself, it's kind of between me and God...I am not funny like Christine (Ok, still having problems linking, I just can't get it!! I want to link a name, not the whole website name) Anyway, I thought since I have a holy hour with our Precious Lord on Thursday evenings 10-11pm, I would ask you, the reader, for any petitions, and I will pray for you. I will bring them to our Lord. I only ask you to pray also.

So please leave your petitions in my comment section and I will pray for you, I will even pray for you if you don't leave a comment!

Thursday plans:
  • feet washing with the kids
  • make homemade pretzels with the kids
  • color some Last Supper pictures (with the kids)
  • Stations of the Cross with the kids
  • Start watching Jesus of Nazareth and hopefully get to the Agony in the Garden, so we can finish it tomorrow. (with the kids)
  • Pick up white shoes for Ballerina Rosie along with tights for her...she's growing!

*Remember: The Divine Mercy Novena/Chaplet begin Friday. Get yours ready or come here, I will have it posted every day of the Novena.

I posted another recipe on my kitchen blog

Thank You Lord, for all my readers. I ask You to bless them in a special way. Please pour Your Graces and Mercy upon them. Amen.


  1. Jamie, My prayer list is very verylong. You know me pretty well to know who to pray for. Thankyou for doing this. What a blessing you are. I guess I would ask you to tell Jesus I love him from me and to watch over our family!

    Happy Holy Thursday to you!

  2. Hi Jamie, Blessed Maundy Thursday, to you and your family. Funny, I used to make pretzels for my girls when they were young & explain the meaning of the shape, etc. Brings back memories. You can certainly pray for me & I truly appreciate it. I mentioned my mother lives with us-she has moderate Alheimer's and it is very trying sometimes. I offer so MUCH up to the Lord-ha. The verse in Romans 5:1-5 helps me alot. Anyway, thanks for your sweet spirit. Nerm

  3. I would love it if you would pray for a friend of mine who is pregnant (about 6 weeks along) and is fearful of a possible miscarriage. They have tried a LONG time for this baby.

    Thanks for doing this! We don't have adoration here. (We are lucky to have found an English speaking parish!)

    Your new recipe looks great.

    You know what I love? That your list says 'with the kids' on everything!! Your children are blessed.

  4. HI Jamie!
    I loved your darling (and by now totally melted!)snowmen and your Holy Thursday ideas. We will be doing the same except the pretzels - what a great thing to do! I will have to look into that for next year when I am not pregnant and can stand the smell of cooking/baking! :)
    The kids are excited to wash feet and to continue our viewing of Jesus of Naz. I would have liked to take them to Mass tonight, but I just can't with the nausea.
    Have a blessed and Holy Triuudum and Joyous Easter! It was great to talk to you yesterday. I miss you!
    Love and prayers,
    PS Happy 1st day of Spring! We're supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow tomorrow - good thing it won't be around long!

  5. What wonderful plans for today!

    I would love it if you could pray for a cure to be found for the Hadley children (, they are personal friends of ours. Thank you!!! I'll pray for your family too. Have a very blessed Triduum and Happy Easter!

  6. Nerm--All fixed!!
    Thanks for your sweet comments, I appreciate them always!

  7. Hi, Jamie. I'm a friend of your friend (Sarah) here in ND - she just sent me your link today. I'm sure you've already got her on your list! But, she could use double the prayers. I'll be home tonight - instead of at the Mass of the Last Supper - with my little screamer (age 22mos). Was fun to read your words and suggestions - I hope to be back again soon. Have a Blessed Holy Week - Suzie

  8. Oh if you can offer my son up to Jesus and the Holy Mother, please do. He is having trying emotional teenage times and it's worse than it's ever been.

    God bless you!


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