Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Review: Crest Whitestrips

Before Crest Whitestrips, go ahead, click the pictures for close ups!
After 2 weeks of Crest Whitestrips!

They work!! Well, after seeing how yellow my teeth were compared to Christine's. I decided something had to be done! I guess the Diet Coke, Crystal Light tea flavors and my French Vanilla International Foods coffee had taken a toll on my teeth, my now yellow-ish teeth. So, I tried Crest Whitestrips. Today is the last day of the 2 weeks they reccommend to use their product. I did get a little sensitivity, but not much. Crest says if a person experiences sensitivity, it is only temporary. I would have to say it was well worth the splurge of $19.98 at Wal-Mart on myself. Has anyone tried this? I have to reccommend it. Tell me what you think, have you tried anything like this before? The package says it works up to 12 months, but is it still 12 months if you go back to drinking those bad teeth staining drinks?


  1. When I was at my dentists office recently, we were talking about teeth whitening, and he highly recommended these. I had previously tried a generic kind, which didn't work too well. He told me that the Crest Whitestrips were well worth the money, and much better than paying him to do it. (I love my dentist!) Anyhow, I will have to give them a try sometime soon. Thanks for the recommendation!!!

  2. Yup - I have done these. I havent in awhile - would be fun to do for spring. Do I really have white teeth? I didnt notice your teeth - you are beautiful Jamie - just the way you are!

  3. Jamie, Kitty uses these and has been for a couple of years every time her teeth start to turn yellow. They really work & her teetha are beautiful. I drink lots of tea, so I am gonna have to do it too. Nerm

  4. I have wondered if I could keep them in my mouth for the recommended period. Did they make you gaggy?

    I worry that they wear on your enamel -- have you heard of any problems with them?

    Your teeth look very pretty!

  5. My SIL is a dental hygenist - she gave me the Crest Whitestrips Supreme as a gift (yes! she did ask if that was okay!). I've used them on and off and do notice improvement. The first time I used them for about three days in a row, twice a day as recommeded; I did get sensitivity and needed to stop, but the sensitivity did do away. I have since found that I don't need to use them for recommended # days to get the whiteness. My SIL did tell me the whitening won't last as long if I continue to drink my Chai tea & Dr. Pepper (I read somewhere that if you sip through a straw you can avoid the stain - but what good is that if you can't taste what you are drinking!!).

    I didn't notice your teeth, but aren't we all our worst critic?

  6. I noticed the difference! And you are one brave (and funny) gal for encouraging us to click on the photos.

    I've used the whitestrips, too. I am, after all, a coffee drinker...

  7. Hi

    Thanks so much for posting your results.

    I have just started Crest Whitestrips Premium (well, actually I'm 2 days in) and was nervous about what results (if any) I'd get. I have 8 days to go and if my teeth turn out anything like yours I'd be so pleased.

    Thank you again for posting.


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