Monday, March 17, 2008

Update on Katie-Sad news

My friend T (that is her real nickname) met with Katie on Saturday. The Holy Spirit was working, T said some amazing things. Katie is 17 wks along, she is having a girl, named Clara. Her first baby that died was about 3 years ago, he was a boy, Slade. She has a little girl, around 1 1/2 yrs old now and she is healthy. This Katie is so confused and scared and sad. Their visit was interupted by her husband and he was not happy about the meeting. She called T's sister in law today and she scheduled her abortion next Monday, Easter Monday. I've cried off and on today, fasted on things, prayed for her constantly, as have the kids. We are asking for people to if at all possible make holy hours, pray rosaries, chaplets, whatever you can for Katie, Clara and her husband. There is still time, in this holiest of weeks, in this time of Divine Mercy. Thank you for any prayers for this situation. I will try to keep you updated as I find out anything.

Please Lord, soften Katie and her husbands hearts, help them to see what they are doing. Help them to see the grace and beauty of this precious gift You have given them.


  1. Such a very sad situation. It is most sad that her doctors even suggested this alternative in the first place. Unfortunately it's very common.

    I will pray that she will decide to love this baby for just as long as God gives her the opportunity, and that she will see God's hand in her life and grasp it.

  2. I will pray.

    You are such a beautiful person, Jamie, for how deeply you care.

  3. We think we know so much from ultrasound pictures. But how many times have doctors and technicians been wrong about prenatal diagnoses?
    They say it is a boy during an ultrasound and the couple is scrambling to buy pink stuff when the baby arrives with girl parts.

    I personally know 2 couples that had children diagnosed with birth defects only to be born normal and healthy. We think we 'know' things but only God truly knows his will.

    I will pray for this couple too.

  4. www.prenatalpartnersforife is a good resource in this situation. We have a child with disabilities and know the anguish.

  5. Jamie - I have had a lot of emotions also. I pray - but I also feel like I should DO something. I feel so sad yet I feel mad at this world. I hold that little baby in my heart and I try to imagine her safe right now. What a horrible horrible mistake this is and it seems like it will solve something now but it will create a hole and wound in that mothers soul.

  6. Direct her to A site run by a Catholic woman for parents faced with poor or uncertain prenatal diagnoses.

    My son is severely handicapped. I can't imagine life without this saint in our very own house.

    I will pray for Katie.


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