Monday, March 3, 2008

St Padre Pio

The body of St Padre Pio was found in fair condition after his body was exhumed from his tomb in Italy--after 40 years!! Amazing, huh? His face was in need of some help, but his hands looked as if they had just undergone a manicure. Isn't that something? All his suffering for so many years and now his hands are perfect, as he is perfect in Heaven. There are so many saints bodies who are incorrupt, but this is exciting because it is happening now, when people are in need of miracles. Of course this news was found on and not on the 10pm news. He's one of my favorites. I love his relationship he had with his angel. I love that he could read souls before people confessed.

St Padre Pio, pray for us.

Tonight Ballerina Rosie had her Little Crowns group. (Schoenstatt Sisters) She loves it! She gets to see almost all her homeschool friends. (although it is open to non-homeschoolers too) She answered a question about Veronica and what she did for Jesus. It was just adorable. These little girls are so innocent and beautiful. Before we left, little Mary asked "Can I go too?" She asks every month...I said "No, honey, I wish you could go, but you can't go until you are 5." She then said "That's Rude!!" and stormed off. She is right, it is rude, poor thing. It stinks to think you are big when everyone else thinks you are still too little, and yet be bigger than the baby who is obviously little.

Thank you Lord, for all the blessings of this day!


  1. Jamie, every mo. I want to make it to these wonderful events. Brian is so busy and I know I cannot ask him to watch the kids so I can go. It is hard for me and it seems like this has been my life for so long. I just feel guilty asking him when there is so much to do.

    He was cutting down more trees last night and I always watch while biting my nails.

    I also have been reading spiritdaily (I do every day) and I am so interested in Padra Pio since he is one of my favorites.

    Danielle Bean has an interesting blog today. Someone is looking for advice about moving and selling a home with little kids. You probably would have some great advice. I look forward to when we can just live and not have to work on the house. Someday!

  2. That reminds me of the little girl on the old show, "Full House." Didn't Michelle say, "How Rude!" as one of her famous lines? I can't remember. :)
    When (if) I come back to Minnesota for a vist (we would come there instead of to Iowa) I will have to meet you and your girls...and Minnesota Mom too! ;)

  3. Jamie-you and I have alot in common it seems. I have loved reading about Padre Pio for at least six years! He was amazing-still is actually. Love the stories of your kids. Blessings to them all. Nerm


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